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I learned a lot about tubing notching today as I started fitting the tubes together for my new center X-member. I don’t have a tubing notcher but have access to one, but after reading some articles on the HAMB about using a chop saw to notch tubes I thought I would give it a try on some scrap tubing I have. It takes some finish work to fit the tube perfectly but it is easy to do and quick. No hole saws to purchase or angles to figure — just a little creative Hot Rod ingenuity and a bit of art work with a die grinder and you can have a perfect fit. I will try my luck on the good stuff tomorrow — I think I got the hang of it now.

The threaded bungs came from Summit today and they worked just as I thought they would. I really am impressed with the service you receive from Summit. I will continue to do more shopping with them and save time and money by not having to drive all over the Valley to secure parts. I installed a couple of them and have some photos for you. The flange provides a solid weld surface and once the webbing is installed they will work just fine even if shims are required. Problem solved!

Finally, the door is going in for some surgery next Wednesday after our trip to Malibu. Hopefully it will be last this time. I wish I could learn the base coat clear coat paint technique as this is getting expensive. That’s Hot Rodding!

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Toppers Tuesday is back on our list for a luncheon spot. We drifted away for a couple of months but went back today and  — the food and service were excellent. We had two Deuces and a Forty plus some regular cars. Why they don’t drive their Hot Rods is beyond me. Garage Queens have never been popular with me.


The threaded weld nut requires a 3/4″ hole be drilled to accommodate the fastener. I used a step drill and it worked fine.


The nut dropped through the hole and I will weld the flange to the frame.


This photo shows the installation with the webbing installed. Should work just fine.


Tim attended the Sacramento Vintage Ford 40 Ford day and sent in some nice photos. Looks like there was a nice turnout. These look like stockers.


Tim drove his beautiful Folkstone Gray coupe to the show which he built several years ago. The standard models have a look all of their own.


I have always like the tudor sedan as my 40 of choice and this one was a crowd pleaser also. Room for the whole family and grandkids in these models.


I had moved to San Francisco when Boyd built this one and first saw it when he brought it to GG’s in P-Town. I asked Dick how much to build me one and said “they were very reasonable (?)” — as they used the Wescott body. I even liked it better when I rode around the fairgrounds with Dick. Walt also took me for a ride in his Boyd roadster for trip down the 680 and I was hooked on the smooth ride of a Boyd chassis. I haven’t seen the car in a long time but still like the Foose designed hiboy roadster.


I somehow went back to my senses and built a very traditional roadster but I often wished I had one of Boyd’s chassis under the Wescott body.

Roy's 051

Phil has a friend who stops by Roy’s and takes a few photos of the busy shops projects. Gino’s very nice 39 convertible sedan was in for some work. Roy updated this a few years ago and it is now a drive anywhere where Hot Rod.

Roy's 026

This is the year for 5-windows and Roy has been turning them out like Deuce roadsters of past.

Roy's 030

The 39 tail lights frenched into the rear fenders was popular in my youth. Robin egg blue was also a popular color in the late 50’s in Decatur, IL.

Roy's 039

Roy also keeps Brookville busy building 3-window bodies. Note the IF&R suspensions being installed as well as a complicated chop. I only want to see the finished version as this scares me with my limited talent.

Roy's 037

Still another 5-window hiboy going together at Roy’s. Very traditional  with a chopped top and bias tires.

Roy's 025

The final 5-window is this jewel with a Ferguson Ardun head equipped flathead and a blower,

Roy's 024

Roy has built numerous flatheads using this set up but I have never heard one run. They sure look good and hopefully perform as well.

Roy's 038

Just a sample of the cars going together at Roy’s busy shop. He has assembled a talented group of employees that turn out my kind of Hot Rods. He is one of the nicest guys in the business.

Roy's 055

I don’t know the number, but Roy has built literally hundreds of Deuce chassis over the years. They all have one thing in common, quality that goes down the road. Blown Caddy in this one!

Today’s Photo


I am not sure where this is but I love this Woody and Wooden Boat combination. Gar-wood dual cowl boat.

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