Wednesday’s Words

We are still baby sitting in the Bay Area, so I will just post some photos of my favorites. I will be back in town for the July 4th celebration which starts at Don’s Coffee and Kix on Saturday morning. He will have red white and blue in the driveway.


Stay Tooned!



No, this is not Jim’s but another beautiful 40 woody going together.


A lot of work goes into the interior of the 40 woodies. Looks nice!


You don’t see many 5-window hiboys and I don’t know why when they look as good as this one.


Lynn’s Deuce has found a new home in Don’s garage where I’m sure it will undergo some new touches.


I never grow tired of Mandy’s famous Mercury. This is my favorite convertible out of Barris’s shop. Mandy worked for George and finished the car while in LA. As a young man in Decatur, IL this was the most beautiful custom car I had ever seen.


I have a soft spot for these convertibles. Plain and simple with a modern driveline and you have  real driver.


Roy can build some nice sedans for his customers. A great car to begin with and he made it better.


Here is a nice 33 sedan in my favorite color. I kind of like the whitewall tires.


I am surprised we haven’t seen more of this style model 40 hiboy. I like it.


Craig thinks this 40 pickup is the nicest one he has seen in a long time.

Nice driveways


George and Karen stopped by our house on their journey to LA. This little well driven coupe looks good in anyones’ driveway.


Gary, from Cornhuskers in NE, has a great looking fleet in his driveway. The yellow Deuce must be the wives.



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