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Having a project has made me a happy man. I have been without a project for a couple of years and that is way too long to  be away from the stress of building a hot rod. I never seem to worry about completing the project but not having one bothers me. I think for me, it is just going out in the garage and dreaming about what to do next or what style should I concentrate on — selecting components takes some thinking when you are planning your dream hot rod. For example, I am a fan of the early 50’s looking roadsters with skinny tires, painted suspension parts, QC’s and black paint. Wheels and tires require some extra thought if you plan on driving the freeways of LA. While bias tires are the right looking selection, skinny Excelsior radials would be my choice for many reasons — mainly safety and ride. I love the flatheads for their beauty and history but not to drive, so a mild 327 of the early 60’s vintage with camel hump heads will have to fit in the overall theme…you get the picture. Personal preference, safety and common sense must all be considered along with some sort of budget to keep your wife happy. Remember, whatever you have in mind as a budget figure you will exceed it. The solution is to not keep track of all of your little expenditures like consumables, nuts and bolts, and used parts….that should do it. If you are a person  who keeps track of every penny spent then set your budget real high.

Dave and I went garage crawling today and picked up some nice clean parts for our projects. You would be surprised what you can come up with if you hang at garages that work on cars. They are always changing components and don’t want to store the take-offs. I am first to offer to take them off their hands for a good price. Most are happy to have them gone. I have literally built many cars from take-offs. Does the word “scrounger” sound familiar? Frantic always has some nice stuff at his shop that is up for grabs to the regulars who stop by to see him at the right time.

I am on a mission for the next 3 months so……

Stay Tooned!



photo 5

The Central Coast Roadsters enjoyed the weekend in beautiful Monterey, CA. For those of you who have not visited this area, you should put this venue on your “to see” list. Hotels are pricey but worth the money for a great time and some excellent food.


Toppers was light today but the three die hards made it with their cars. Lunch was good as was the conversations.


Frank is never very long without a 40 pickup in his fleet. This is his latest from AZ. Looks like a keeper to me.


Seldom seen is the Deuce cabriolet done up as a hot rod. I love the color and flatty along with the WW tires. Is that snow on the ground or an illusion?


This is a great photo taken at Daytona at the track. (FB photo) Deuce hiboy sedans rank right up their with roadsters in my book.


To back up my statement how about these two famous hiboy sedans! Both are from Ohio where they speak Hot Rod everyday of the week and show you their goods on the weekend.


Dennis has a new project going together at RB and has selected the components to compliment the theme of the RB style cars. His sedan was a big hit a few years ago and this one is sure not to disappoint us. Frank Wallic seats are being used. (FB)


Great photo by Greg showing how beautiful roadsters can be on the beach. The landscape is not too shabby either.


Another Speed 33 is looking good with IFS suspension and pinched nose.


This is not the same sedan I featured recently but another one with a Buick and stack injection. Graeme took this in WA a few years ago.


One of the nicest 34 deliveries around is this beauty. Black with Tacoma Cream wire wheels is a perfect look for this rare car.


Tony, a long time friend and GM car dealer, is having a birthday and still has his Deuce from many years ago. He was cool in those days with shades and still is today. Tony was a Buick GMC dealer in Phoenix.

Wednesday’s Projects 


Here is a mixture of a banjo rear end, open drive, and P&J ladder bars being installed in a 34 phaeton by SFSS.


I built the uprights and tacked them into place. Thanks George for some good advice.


During today’s garage crawl I picked up a complete 34 Ford front suspension in excellent condition. Now to disassemble and sandblast parts.

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