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My daily routine normally starts at the “Office” to catch up on the latest in the car world and also the latest medical procedure that is available to solve all our “age related” ailments. Today was different, I started at the Post Office thinking they would be open at 8:00 am so I could send off a money order for some much needed old Ford parts. I was wrong. They open at 10:au am for window service. Now, I am late for my daily doze of “Office Gossip” but since it is Tuesday I can catch up at Toppers. I decided I would swing by electrician Bob’s place to check on his 40 sedan project. He was busy loading up the car for a trip to upholstery jail. We all pitched in and soon the car was on the trailer and ready for it’s first journey out of the garage in 14 years. Yes, he has been at this one for a long, long time. He has built several cars in the interim but somehow just kept putting this one on the back burner. He purchased the car from me as a nice coupe but later liked Bob-O’s sedan so he bought it and sold the coupe. I think we all go through phases of what kind of car we would like to build next.

I am perfectly happy with the sedan delivery and it serves me well and has been very dependable over the past couple of years. I still have the desire for a roadster and have been gathering parts for when that day comes. A closed car is certainly the most practical car you can own if you like to drive them with you wife or sweetie as a passenger. But when all your buddies show up in their roadsters with no tops, you really start to have that wind in your face feeling as they pass you by. Dick and Myron both are 80 and still push their roadsters to the max and never seem to want a closed car. I believe that a roadster to a man is about the same as having a dog. Both are a “Man thing”. Riding shotgun on your trips around town, a dog will never complain about the wind, cold or comfort while riding in your roadster. Just saying!

The March Meet is this weekend in Bakersfield which is another good event for you race fans. Our group may head up their on Friday to take in some racing and walk the swap meet.

Stay Tooned!




I stopped by Bob’s and helped him load his long term 40 sedan project. He is heading to upholstery jail for the final work prior to driving his 14 year project. Some things just take a long time. He has new tires and wheels installed and soon will joining the “Back Road Boys” with his slick sedan.


From Bob’s I headed to Toppers Pizza to eat some more diet food and catch up on all the “Office” talk. Good day today and we had Bob-O’s Mercury to talk about. He is wanting a tub these days if you know of one (1939) let me know.


I had a lot of comments on my Model 40 Blog. Graeme is Australia sent along his ambitious project of converting and Australian model to an American one. Note how he extended the body down to meet the running boards. No small task. He added a full floor and sub rails as well as replacing the wood in the body with steel. Looks like a future feature to me. I guess other folks like the Model 40 roadster also.


I am a Buck drum fan and this is one way to mount the hubs for Lincoln brakes which works well if you grind the lip back. Note the backing plates are rears which work find and you can weld up the holes or leave the plates installed. MT products sells the water bands for the reproduction plates if you want them to look real.


I have used this style hub 46-48 for all that I have done and they work good. Drums are hard to come by and pricey in our area.


Here is another method I am going to try this time. I will use the 40 hub and turn it down to fit on the inside of the drum which allows the use of 2 1/2″ brake shoes with full contact in the drum.


Here is the outside surface showing the hub mounted inboard rather than 46-8 style which mount on the outside.


Here are the hubs with the adapter rings for the Buick drums. Machine work required but these look good to me.


The fellow on the HAMB is selling this set-up complete with F 250 backing plates (12″). The price is steep but probably worth it.


Back in the day a sedan delivery came in handy when driving to the Nationals in St. Paul. Gene’s photo.


Small cockpit but real lookers are the 28/9 roadsters. Nice wheels!

Lynn 48 woody

Speaking of never knowing what you will build next, the above photo shows my love for Woodies. I purchased this from Ted hoping to build my dream woody. Bill purchased it and built one for his son. Note Ted and I have one under cover in our driveways. This keeps the HOA from writing me a letter.


For you who tell me I don’t feature any hi-tech looking Deuces, have a look at this one. Looks a little like Rich’s.

Wednesday’s Memories — Boyd Red


This classic photo of Boyd, Jamie and Vern has always been one of my favorites. He left us too soon but his work will go down in the history books and be remembered for many years. I have a couple of those shirts still in the bags. The “Smooth” look has left us for now but he started the trend with Lil’John and many followed including old traditional Lynn.



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