Wednesday’s Words

I spent the entire day working on the window frames and doors on the rear of the house. I wish it had been on Andre but I only had a chance to sand on the rear door a little with my DA sander which I also used on the doors. I hope to have the rear of the house completed by this Sunday so I can attend the San Dimas car show with Bob.

I have located another sedan or should I say it located me. I have a lot of viewers and when I mentioned I am looking for something I normally receive lots of leads. I am going to inspect the car on Friday and will let you know…

Stay Tooned!


Bobby has had this 46 SD for a long time. He changed the hot flathead for a SBC and is now having fun. This one belongs in my garage. I would paint the fenders Maroon and be done. I even have the correct tail lights for this car. I kept them from my last one as the owner installed 39’s the same as Bobby did. Small world!

Don has his street radials on for his drive from Prescott. When I first met him he had bias wide whites and this was long before the current trend. Don builds my kind of car. The roadster in the rear was built by Terry in the late 70’s prior to his move to LA. The current owner has put in a new interior and enjoys driving this real hiboy roadster with a Champ rear end.

When I first saw Kevin’s hiboy at SO-CAL I could not take my eyes off the car. Everywhere you looked was right on the money. I tracked him down the next day and asked if I could sit inside, which he let me do. Super nice guy with another car that belongs in my garage.

This used to be my favorite hiboy sedan but he is now changing the car so I moved on to the Rex Roger’s look at Custom Auto.

Race car interior featured anodized aluminum door panels with louvers and a complete roll bar.

I never heard the car run but it sure looked fast with the stacked injectors. Detail, detail, detail…

A Champ was installed in the rear with a louvered fake tank cover.

Roy built this RPU long before the current rage. I first saw this car at the SEMA show many years ago. The engine was one of Edelbrock’s first crate motors.

A nice Lyon blue coupe stopped at my swap space to purchase some 40 parts a few years ago. You gotta love the 40 coupe in any condition.

Today’s 40 sedan…searching!

Low mileage, rust free, runs, drives and cheap. This may be the one. An “Office” cruiser for sure!

Photo showing interior and solid floors. I could have Bob do the new woodgraining and I could do the dash myself…or I could just drive it.

Forty Fords are famous for rusty tool compartments and rear panels. This one is mint. I gotta go look! This is for those windows for the wife.

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