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I feel for my friends in the East and hope they are safe and warm with the garages sealed up tight. I lived in both New York and Boston and know first hand about how cold the winters can be. We are blessed with 75 degree weather and thinking of our trip to the Boathouse next Tuesday with the “Back Road Boys”. I am still recovering from the GNRS but feel much better today after a long nap yesterday. Some of you asked about the wearables that were at the show and I thought I would show you a photo of what we wore and if you have a desire to own some you can order direct from the vendor. I don’t have the prices but they will be very reasonable. I think this is the last time I will be involved in the Forty Ford promotion but who knows, I may make the 100th celebration.

There were lots of non-roadsters at the show all equally as nice and spread out all over the various buildings. The LA Roadsters have started an LA Coupes affiliate which focuses on some significant coupes of the past around the LA area. They had a nice display and will have more at the LARS on Father’s Day. Now, if we could get them to have a Reliability Run we would have it all right on in Los Angeles. The men and women of the LA Roadsters work hard to produce a world class event for all of us roadster lovers to enjoy and I am sure they will continue to do so for many years to come. The 51st is coming up in June so make your plans to attend — you won’t be sorry.

Pepe is all clean from the show trip and ready to head out next Tuesday. The Inglese EFI is a smooth running system that eliminates the hard starting of the SBC I experienced in the past. I am a believer in the EFI set up for hot rods. I am building a 327 SBC with a carb to obtain the look and keep the cost down but an 8 – Stack would sure look traditional also. My frame jig now has a set of ASC rails installed which will lead to something down the road. My only concern is not having a project and never any stress for completing it. A garage without a project is just a garage.

Stay Tooned!



These signs were handed out to all the 40 entries who placed their car in the display in building 6.


The hats were donated by Monnich Embroidery and were a big hit with those who received them.

40 is 75


Dave High Ink will be running some of the shirts as he has a few orders in house.

I should have some prices next week.


My long time friend from Detroit made the trip and we walked until we could walk no more. Old friends who love cars are friends for life. Thanks Larry for sharing the show with me. He was giving me some advice on my frame jig.


Many felt this 34-35 roadster was the best of the show but that was not the case. The 35 fenders on the 34 body was certainly different. The workmanship was first class.


Eric of Pinkees builds some one-off cars and this 34 was one of them. The 37 grille adaption was one of the best I have seen lately.


Bare metal cars always attract my attention and this 40 pickup was very, very nice. HR&H did the work.


Four doors are gaining in popularity and this chopped 34 was sliced and diced with a perfectly filled roof.


My favorite builder Roy Brizio had six beautiful hot rods on display all perfectly executed by his team. The five window was a favorite of the crowd with the 409 engine.


Another contender was this 27 T with a Miller overhead banger motor. This one would be fun to drive.


Jim brought his “Mint Julup” over for the display. He builds some of the nicest Forties around. He also donated a new chin for Pepe. Thank you Jim.


Ryan had Jim’s 40 Woody chassis on display and had a crowd all weekend looking at the fantastic workmanship going into this future show car. Ryan has had two cover cars on Rodder’s Journal issues.

Magnificent Metal Magic!



Certainly one of the most talked about cars was this hand built Marcel creation for Metallica. I am not sure where this creation fits but the overall design was patterned after a DeLahaye.


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  1. Love the blog! I get these from my San Diego buddy, Gary Huckins. Please add me to the Pewsplace world. I bought my first ’40 in 1977 at the Rose Bowl meet.; worked for Carl Burnett at Antique Auto and C&G for 7 yrs, college, wife, kids, etc., etc. I now have a ’39 COnv., a ’40 conv., and a nice black ’40 tudor (ala my very dear and recently lost friend, Bob McCoy), less the flame job. Great to see Bob’s coupe at the show! I’ve riden in that car. It has the original front nerf from his tudor – returned to him by Norm Francis who was hired to restore (street rod style) Bob’s famous tudor. Darn! The world lost an iconic car with that decision. Can I buy a 40 is 50 hat? Thx again for your fine blog!!!

  2. Hi Lynn! Thank you for the special 75th 40 hat and your kind words. I really enjoyed the time with all the 40 guys from across the our USA. Thank you for all your efforts, was really a fun time. Feels good to relax
    after a busy weekend..
    Jim (-:

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