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I spent the day welding more front cross members for some friends. I seem to pass the time quite well when I have projects to work on. As usual, I ran out of 3/32 rod and acetylene during the process. When this happens, I have to stop and head to the welding store which is one of my favorite places to go. We only have one store in our town and they don’t carry a lot of hardware but today they had some new TIG welders. I fell in love with the Miller Dynast model. My old welder is ancient and works fine but is quite large and occupies more space than I like. I asked about a trade-in and Bruce said, ” That will cost you more for our disposal of that dinosaur.” I guess I will wait for Santa and see if he likes me this year. Heading home, I dreamed of how nice that Dynasty 210 would be in my garage and then I would have room for the lathe I have always wanted. The tool disease is almost as bad as they old Ford sickness. I quickly finished the welding and called it a day. Tomorrow is another big welding day on a new set of ASC frame rails and Ionia boxing plates. I am having fun.

Many of you have inquired about the Hot Rod Tours that are taking place during the LARS week as well as the regular open houses. I received notification that a new event has been added to accommodate many of your requests. The LA Roadsters club has organized several Tour events and they are listed below. My special thanks to Bill Herbert for the information. Here is the schedule:

The LA Roadster’s Organized Event

Date                                                                        Tour    

Tuesday – June 10            Fred’s Wiring – Marcels – Early Ford Store

Wednesday – June 11       American Classic Cars – LimeWorks – Moon Eyes – WheelSmith 

                                                  Barry White – Extreme Auto               

Thursday – June 12           Valley Customs – Ron Magnus – Gabes Upholstery    

All tours leave from the NHRA Museum front parking lot beginning at 8:00 am               


The following shops are always nice places to visit and they are well known by most attendees. Expect parking problems and crowds but certainly they are well worth the effort. You are on your own for locating the shops but they are close to the Fairplex. For directions, please see the details on your smart phone by simply typing in the shop’s name in your browser.

Thursday –  June 12          Stoker’s Open House

Friday – June 13                 SO-CAL Speed Shop     

                                                  Walden Speed Shop Open House

I think the above events will keep you busy until the big show on Saturday. Most of us will hit the swap meet area on Friday to obtain a special swap space or Preferred Parking spot. If you have not made any hotel reservations I would suggest you move away from the Fairplex and try some smaller hotels in the surrounding areas. I am getting excited about seeing all the cars and people at the 50th Anniversary of the LARS. How about you?

Stay Tooned!


Here are the two Deuce front cross members that were discarded in favor of some new ones. I saved both of them and they are very solid and not pitted. I raised the bottom one 1 1/2 inches and I am eager to see how it works with a mono leaf spring. The top one is a late reinforced unit that was also in rough shape.

Pinkee’s Rod Shop also has a nice personal project that keeps the fire burning in their shop. I saw these front brake covers at the GNRS but never noticed what they cover. Disc brakes?

Steve – Simple, black, Brookville, ASC, 327, 9 inch, bones, etc. What are you waiting for – this is the one.

Here is a different approach to a Deuce roadster interior. Looks like a 55 Chevrolet Del Ray pattern. The large Corvette wheel is also different. Steve, this may be the one for you and it is not RED!

If a roadster is not your style, then how about a truly remarkable Deuce 3 window?

For me, I am still a huge fan of the model 40 roadster. Sure it is probably glass but who cares, right Louie? Driving and having the time of your life is what it is all about.

How about a yellow one with whitewalls to take your best girl (wife) for a ride to the Pacific Ocean. Jane likes this one.

I first saw this Brizio/Poteet model 40 at the So-CAL open house a few years ago. The 37 truck grille was quite different at the time and still is. Sid did the top which is one of the best I have seen on a model 40.

Roadsters can even go in the snow but what a mess it leaves on the undercarriage. Bass builds some real hot rods in his shop.

Gary likes a little more comfort in the snowy weather of MN but he finally may be ready for a model 40 roadster with no windows.

Frank has side curtains for his drive over to the LARS (he is a member) just in case it rains in NM. He has a fleet of Deuces and 40’s.

A true basic phaeton with red oxide and gray primer is set to go for a long ride.

If this looks like fun, then start up that roadster and join one of the many tours headed to the LARS for the time of your life.

Early at SO-CAL’s Open House was this early looking clone on a SO-CAL chassis. That’s Poteet’s coupe in the foreground.

Three that made a difference!

Bob McGee’s beauty has stood the test of time.

I have only seen Ray Brown’s roadster in the shows and never on the street but the following photo proves he did drive it.

Ray drove his roadster to Lake Arrowhead in 1947 and had to use chains.


Joe and my friend Bob-O knew each other but never raced. Bob said the roadster was fast and very nicely done for the era.


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  3. Kekke prent Jelrik! PS We hebben nu een PRO lpaaaparsat op krachtstroom even groot als een wasmachine! Kun je he9e9e9l mooi mee lassen! Volgende lasles wordt dus stukken beter : ) PPS De illu is uitgevoerd in Adobe illustrator met de optie innerglow aan. Erg fraai Jelrik! Ik heb ook een prent van mijn fiets van vroegah. Zal m eens toesturen mr Bubble : )

  4. Hi Lynn, There are three of us from the Madison, WI area driving our roadsters to the LA Show. We’ve been trying to get the tour schedules…but no luck. Thanks to you we know where we’re going! Hope to meet you while we’re there. We’re big fans of your blog. John & Delphine Skinner

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