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I am writing today’s blog from my wife’s MAC so I hope it posts O.K. I am wanting a new desk top from Apple but I don’t want to step up right now as I need some car parts for Andre to move him down the road.  Funny how priorities are set in one’s life. I usually rank them by how bad I want them rather than actual need. Hot Rods are the same way. We really don’t need one but the burning desire is there to make it happen. Opportunities don’t come along everyday, but when they do, you need to make a management decision with very little thought given to the process. For example, some of my friends can’t pass up a deal on a nice hot rod regardless of how many they already own. It is nice when you have the ready cash to do this when the “must have deal” is available.

Sometimes you will see these cars change owners like old girlfriends and other times the new ride will replace another one in the stable. I think most impulse purchases are made without thought of what they will do with the car as long as it is a good deal and it is on the “I want it list”. As a retired car dealer and GM executive, I have it in my blood and search car advertisements every day. You never know what will show up in the For Sale section. I have the car of my dreams after waiting 20 plus years and have no desire to own anything else. I will keep reading the For Sale advertisements and calling on numbers listed on interesting cars at the swap meet because that is who I am. This is a true sickness.

We have both Del Mar and Bakersfield coming up and I can’t decide if I want to attend these events. NSRA is the closest to my house so I may make a trip there in Pepe to see how he likes the mountains.

Stay Tooned!


My high school dream was a 56 Ford convertible like this one. Perfect condition with a Thunderbird engine and 5 spokes.

My high school buddy Dave had his Inglese roadster on display as a cover car in Hot Rod.

These two were a nice example of early rods with style and detail.

Some of the real early styles were also on display. Remember this was in the 50’s and 60’s and white tuck and roll was the way to go.

I talked to Mike for a long time and listened to the history of his coupe and 41 Ford sedan delivery.

I find the fact that he still owns the car and is still excited about the ownership of the wonderful Deuce.

Vic had his Dad’s roadster in the show and it is perfect since Roy restored it a few years back. This started the dynasty that exists today.

Bob still drives this one off by Boyd in the 80’s. He keeps it in pristine shape and it has always been one of my favorite tubs.

Red’s Vicky still looks good after being sold a couple of years back. A baby hemi provides the go power for this hammered Deuce.

Vern, the Candyman, Boyd built, model 40 started the smooth trend for Boyd and still remains one of the best of the era that Boyd created.

Phil had his AMBR winner on display. The car looks like it was fresh from his shop.

My all time favorite was looking good as always. A red deuce is hard to beat and this one is the one to clone, hidden hinges and all.

Yes, Hot Rod had the cars we all grew up with. Imagine seeing this one after reading about in your youth.

I don’t remember much about this one but I really liked to aluminum work and overall design.

Dick’s roadster, restored by Don, is probably one of the better examples of the 29 track nose roadster ever built.

Sneak Peek!

Bob has his beautiful 40 woody ready for upholstery and it will be a show winner for sure. More details on Friday. Where is mine?


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