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Sometimes it is nice to have old friends stop by who you have not seen in a long time. A couple of my long time friends from Canada stopped by yesterday to say hello and visit some of our local shops and, of course, Toppers Tuesday. They were hoping for a nice warm week but so far we have had very cold temperatures and rain. John and George are headed to the BIG Three Swap Meet in San Diego and decided to stop in LA for a few days. The magic of southern California draws lots of hot rodder’s from back East in the winter time. I took them on a garage crawl and introduced them to a few of our local project builders. I am very happy to still have the fire burning for old cars with hopped up engines and quick changes. Modern street rods are required for freeway driving but the old style cars still will always be alive in the garages of traditional rodder’s. John is a collector of early speed equipment and rare parts but has run out of room for storage unless he locates something really rare. I hope their trip proves to be worthwhile as I sure enjoyed seeing them.  Thanks for stopping by.

I have not done any work on the cars but as soon as it warms up I will finish putting Andre together. I have a very interested prospect that has been back several times but can’t make up his mind. I sure need the room so maybe this weekend will be the big one.

Stay Tooned!


John and George both own Ford Cabriolets. This is an early photo of the pair. Surprisingly, they both still own the cars today. Both are now finished and drivable. I wonder what is in the garage behind the cars?

John loves the early roadsters like Bob McGee’s shown above. The scene could be today except for the dress code.

His favorite roadster since I have know him has always been the Doane Spencer car which is shown here torn apart.

Racing is what started the interest in old Fords and Doane was one of the best out there.

Yes, people are still locating old Ford roadsters stored away in garages. This is a fabulous photo for a Deuce lover. HAMB story.

Small garages with projects are my favorite. Here is Bob-O and Neil installing the new top irons on his son’s roadster. It has been cold so work must proceed inside and not in the driveway.

Alan is shown working in his garage on my old convertible. To me, this is the best part of the build process.

Old Crow is the place for John and George. This place is full of early hot rod stuff. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Gary’s garage is full of surprises. This mint Deuce Vicky ended up with Eric Clapton. Sometimes they just slip away and that is sad.

Here is one that got away from me in the early 70’s. I am still a lover of the Deuce and the Nomad. I can’t recall but I think I was in New Orleans. I flat towed it all the way back to Albany, GA. What we won’t endure to purchase our cars.

Reader’s Rides!

Yes, that is a 41 sedan delivery that Don saved from the scrap yard and built his dream. Note the HEMI motor. He shares my passion for the sedan deliveries.

Don has not lost his love for deliveries as this is his current panel delivery truck. I have seen this one and it is very nice. Thanks for the photos and memories.


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