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LA is cold and rainy today which is just what I didn’t need this week. You need a backup plan when the weather isn’t on your side. I lived in the cold, snowy states for many years and had to work in heated garages in the winter time but I don’t have any heat in my garage today. I will stay inside and work on my blog and make some calls searching for parts. Being flexible is part of what I love about retirement. You can do whatever you want and not have to worry about the job. I find that I need to keep busy everyday doing something to keep my mind busy and my body in motion.

We had a light turn out at Toppers yesterday but we still had a great luncheon. We all drove our hot rods for Valentine’s Day and Topper’s provided us with chocolate hearts. I hope all of you remembered the candy and or flowers for your Valentine. I have been a big fan of the holiday since grade school. The wife loves the attention and I can buy some more car parts without any concern.

I did manage to fit the reinforcement plates to the chassis yesterday and now need to remove the body mounts for a clean repair.  I could just weld them but I prefer doing it the correct way.  They will look stock when completed and provide the rigidity required for the body. Andre is now the main focus of my days.

Stay Tooned!


My friend Steve is building a traditional chassis for his coupe. This is a very cherry frame that Seabright Hot Rods built for him. He will complete the rest in his garage. See a full build on Seabright’s site. Dave does nice clean work.

Tim is retired but has everyone wanting him to finish their cars. He almost has a steady turn-around of 40’s in his garage. This is his first sedan to receive the “Bedford” treatment. Tim knows forties.

I found this on Craigslist yesterday and thought it really looked good. I suspect bags due to the lowness unless Fat Jack did the car. Gary needs this for Sharon.

A lot of people install the 41 dash in a 42-48 Ford but I prefer the stock dash painted and accented with the taupe plastic.

A forty dash receives more modifications than most. This clean coupe had a smoothed dash with a tilt column with a Bell style wheel. I know not everyone likes the stock look so here you go.

Dave brought photos of his new interior in his 40 convert. He changed the car from purple to “black is beautiful” as Henry stated many times. The use of stainless/chrome interior trim is in vogue currently.

Here is the garage I need in my back forty. Note all the tools and space.

I like the dolly George built for his delivery. A simple but very useful dolly for any car or body. I will have some photos of this project in the next week or two.  George is working away in his huge well equipped garage.

Joe had the tonneau cover made for his racing adventures and cool cruising on cold nights in LA. Note hidden hinges on the roadster doors.

Today’s Favorite!

Tim built this one a few months ago and I fell in love with the color.  Folkstone Gray looks nice on the delivery.  Let’s see some of the interior shots when it is completed.


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