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We are cooking in LA today.  Temperatures are in the high 90’s and headed for the 100 mark tomorrow.  I went over to Frantic’s to pick up my new 525 steering box and a few parts for Andre.  Dave has his father’s 35 truck in for a few upgrades and fine tuning.  He and I were looking for the center crossmember kit that TCI sells for the 40 Ford and was told that TCI no longer produces this product and Speedway now sells the same kit.  Is there a message in this situation for us traditional Hot Rodders?  TCI is a first class company and is always on top of the trends in the hobby. Having been in business myself, controlling inventory is a major job for survival.  If there is no demand for your products, then move on to the next market strategy…IFS, Mustangs, Nova’s, Camaro’s and Chevy trucks.  Speedway has staying power and can afford to stock slow selling merchandise for a limited time.  I think I am going to buy a couple of sets to keep on the shelf. Their front shock kit is also the old TCI design units.  Traditional Hot Rodder’s will always build to their likes and if that means making the parts yourself or using Henry’s so be it.  The flame must continue without a burn out.

It is too hot to work in the garage today but yesterday was fine and I removed the top wood in Andre so I could see how bad the surface rust was on the roof.  I first used a DA with 80 grit and that did not cut it so I switched to a 3M green disc (50 grit) and that did the trick.  Standing with an angle grinder over your head for a period of time can be real challenging for me.  I managed to do about a 12 inch section and decided I will have it blasted carefully or stripped.  I ask Fred and he stated to have it dipped not blasted to prevent warping the large side panels and roof.  I have been down this road before and I have to decide which fork to take.  I am leaning toward the dipping.

Stay Tooned!


Hershey always has it share it Deuces for sale.  Dave sent this photo showing this old genie deuce roadster waiting for a new prospect to shell out some serious change.  I don’t think the demand for original sheet metal has been harmed by the reproduction companies, in fact, I think they made the Henry stuff more valuable

A hemi powered 40 std coupe was on the block and looked fairly clean for her age.

Nothing fancy but lots of Hemi stuffed into the 40.  Note the hoses and radiator tubes.???

Dave’s friend had this super nice roadster ready for the road.  I love the wire wheels for a change.

Dave was doing the garage crawl while out east and of course ran into a 40 coupe going together.  They are in most collections in some form or another.

East coast Hot Rods have a look that differs from Western cars and I don’t know why that is.  Dave liked this cute 29 hiboy roadster.

Walt has added a 64 Chevelle to his collection.  The car is powered by a BBC and is detailed to the max.  I need a ride in this one.

Dave also likes the BBC and shot this photo while back east.  Note the use of paint rather than chrome.  Very clean engine compartment.  I think this was a 67 Nova.

I need a set up like this to remove the body off Andre’s chassis.  I don’t like straps on the drip rails as they damage them.

Saving a 40 coupe is sometimes a lot of work.  I have been following this one on the HAMB and this replacement wheel well is a true work of art.  These are original panels not Drakes.

I am not a gold person but the detail in this 40 sedan is really nice.  CLEAN!

More of the same on the undercarriage.  This all cost lots of money if you are paying the $100/hr shop rate.  Looks clean with CE components.

Today’s 5 window coupe….dreaming!

John has all the Deuces but this one is my favorite of his.  Washington Blue, Flatty, Bones and a pretty girl driving.  What more could you want?  Nice ride.

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