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The weather is really hot today and the garage is almost impossible to work in this afternoon so I decided to quit and come inside where it is cool and write my blog. For many years, I have heard about Mike McKennett’s Restorations and Reproductions in Oregon.  He is known for turning out some great V8 cars with a little hot rod flavor as well as authentic restorations.  My friend Tom drove up to the R&R breakfast and sent along some great photos of the event.  I think you will enjoy the old Fords.

Many of my friends left for P-Town today and I hope it cools down for the weekend. It can be very hot this time of year in Pleasanton.  I am sure the place will be packed with lots of nice cars.  I will have to settle for the photos from my viewers.  I know the late model cars are growing at these events but there are still enough early rides to keep you busy looking all day long.  Frantic is going again this year and he always looks forward to the nice town and fairgrounds.  Maybe next year I can take the roadster….dreaming for sure.

I had a lot of good comments on the Bonneville photos so I will publish some more tomorrow.  It seems like lots of folks made to the Speed Week this year.  Don’t forget the World Finals is coming in a couple of months.

Stay Cool and Tooned!


RR is a wonderful place for old Fords to hang out and feel right at home.  The 40 Woody was making sure you didn’t miss the entrance.

Deuces always dominate any show where old Fords are welcome.  This line up looks impressive to me.

Roy built this one when I lived in the Bay Area and I fell in love all over again.  The owner sold it to the fellow in OR who still owns the car. The original owner had Roy build him a clone with a Brookville body and stock windshield post.

The trendy roadster going together has all the old tricks.  Note 36 door tops, pinched chassis and front and rear bones. The 34 in the   background is my friend Tom’s.

The top is a very nice piece and looks identical to the one Steve Davis made for the 55 car.

My favorite view of this style roadster is the A spring and the QC peeking out from under the rolled pan.  The top metal work is flawless.

This looks like Steve’s car but I am not for sure.  Note small blister on the lower hood side.

If you like fenders then this one would be a keeper in my books.

A CMG 40 pickup makes a nice addition to anyones fleet of Fords.  Orange steelies look good with CMG.

The hardtop Mercury certainly looks like a nice ride for the cruise in.

Today’s Sedan Delivery….dreaming!

Tim’s 40 Ford Factory has turned out another delicious sedan delivery in Folkstone Gray with maroon steelies.  I need to get going on Andre.

Tim is waiting for the bumpers to be returned from the chrome shop and then off to the upholstery shop.  He is using a split bench front seat which is what I am using in Andre for now.  Nice work Tim.

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