Wednesday’s Words

I like the results of last nights Lakers game. I know it was boring but the final result was to my liking. One more to go.

I am one of those old guys who likes to go to the Sheraton Fairplex early, like tomorrow, and see how many long distance drivers have arrived. I really enjoy talking to them, discussing their trip and any problems they encountered. Over the years I have heard some great stories and met some wonderful people. People who enjoy their cars really don’t care about your background or how big or small your wallet is. They simply relate to genuine car people.

I plan to go to Pomona tomorrow morning and end up at the Limeworks Open house in Whittier around noon time. I hear they are having great tacos for lunch. Steve is a super talented guy and a genuine hot rodder.

I hope to see some of you at the show.

Stay Tooned!


Chris has built him a sedan that has raised the bar for the “Bonneville look”. He is offering posters in a 36 x 48 format in three different series. I like the number 1 offering the best. I should really have all three but they are pricey.

Currently on Fordbarn this nice tudor looks ready to go and is priced under $30K.

The sedan has a great looking flathead with block lettered Edelbrock heads.

I have been planning the engine compartment in Andre and I don’t want it to look like this. Everyone you see looks like this (almost) so I will take some pictures this week of some better ideas.

Bob O can’t decide what car to drive out on Friday. There are more in the garage.

Sometimes 40 owners need to clean up the inside just a little. Ken likes his cars to be as found.

This is a lonely roadster driver looking for a spot to park early on Friday. Looks like fun. I have only driven a car twice in 25 years. Maybe next year I can make it.

You can expect record crowds on Saturday so be prepared and bring lots of water to drink. You will also need lots of money if your are in the swap meet area.

HHR will have a neat display in their spot. Troy can build one-off stuff better than most. Maybe this one will be done. AMBR contender?

Today’s roadster…dreaming.

Mo worked at a Buick dealer in LA and built this beauty to race on the weekends or whenever someone wanted to race. I really like this restoration and Pebble Beach entrant. Great Job Jack!

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