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I spent yesterday working on Lucy’s top structure and reshaped the front header. My friends who visited me during the LARS suggested that I taper the side tubing to fit more flush with the windshield post.  I had planned on doing that a long time ago but really didn’t know how to do it.  I don’t like a top that extends past the windshield or one that is too high up on the post.  Most tops I have seen on a DuVall windshield don’t look good to me that is why I made my own.  We will see what the end looks like but so far I am pleased.

We are in for a very hot week in LA and I don’t plan to go anywhere except a trip with Bob O tomorrow to drop off the 40 coupe in Compton.  I will take some photos of the process for you viewers who are considering purchasing a car from the US.  I will ask Dave to send me some photos when the car arrives in Australia.  We are going to load the vehicle tonight and leave early in the morning for LA.

Stay Tooned!


Here is an elaborate jig made for building a Carson style top for a DuVall windshield. Note how far the header extends past the windshield.

Here is a version without a top on a friends 33.  The top should not extend past the windshield in my mind.

Tom built this one and I copied it for Lucy’s top.  Note the smooth transition from the frame to the top material. Sid did the top and the header is all metal shaped to fit.

Here is a Bop Top with a wooden header which sticks out everywhere.  I suppose you could cut it down and make it work.

Here is a home brew DuVall that has its ears cropped.

If money is no object then step up to the all aluminum Ardun for your ride.

Bill has the best store in LA for old Ford parts.  You may have to pay a little more but you are saving money as he has the inventory in stock and knows what you need.

The store is stocked to the rafters with original parts.  I visit as often as I can afford to.

You don’t have to have all the bells and whistles to have fun.  I bet this guy had a ball in his 33 phaeton.

Today’s DuVall 33 Roadster…Dreaming!

I have always loved this little hiboy roadster.  Dave took this for me at Louisville in 2008.  I am still dreaming about Lucy.

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