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I spent the morning chasing parts and finally came home and started to work on the roadster (Lucy).  I went to several parts stores and after answering the question, ” What make and year are you working on?” I came home and ordered on line from Summit and it will be here by Friday.  I know the brick and mortar stores are not happy with online companies but it really makes sense in today’s world.  You can see what you want and even talk to someone if you are not sure what you need.  I ordered everything in less than 10 minutes and never left my desk.  End of conversation.

On yesterday’s trucks I talked about the compactness of the Deuce and Rudy responded with his solution.  It seems in  the early days all you had to do was locate a 5 window body and weld the rear section to the Deuce pickup body and have yourself a pickup with the same room as a roadster.  I don’t think I have ever seen this done but I can’t imagine cutting up a 5 window to do the conversion.  It sure sounds like it would work and you have a photo of one I would like to see it.  I have seen them extended with metal strips but never by using another Deuce.  WOW!

I am still working on the engine installation and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to install the complete driveline.

Stay Tooned!


Dave Lane built another winner with Phil Becker’s 3 window coupe.  I have known Phil for many years and think this is his best effort so far.  He has owned a lot of Deuces including a nice Vicky with mint sheetmetal.  Dwight, IL is a wide spot in the road but is home to some Super Deuces.  Congratulations on your win at Columbus.

What can I say about the “Girly” coupe, she just keeps looking better and better with age.  Pepsi liked her so much they used her in a commercial.

This is an excellent example of a resto rod Deuce tudor sedan.  A car like this never goes out of style and will always return your investment if that is important to you.

On the high end for a 40 convertible this custom really was an excellent period correct piece and would look nice in Bob O’s garage.  Studebaker tail lights were the rage back then and still are for custom lovers.  The 49 Chevy rear license plate bar was also a required item in the 50’s.

This is a modern day version of how they are building traditional hot rods today.  Note the excellent welding and design of the inset boxing and side steering mount.  We never had this quality in my day but had some good gas welders.  Elwood could weld tinfoil together.

Here is my son in the 70’s at the NSRA Nationals in Oklahoma standing in front of a nice 34 sd that he liked.  I wonder what happened to these cars?

Craig has been working on this wonderful 40 pickup for a long time and I can’t wait to see it on the road.  Note the Stude lights and Chevy license surround.  Cool!  He made the rear flat bumper from two passenger car units.

Four door hiboys aren’t for everyone but with a build like this you couldn’t go wrong and entry for the old guys in the back seat would be much easier.  It has been for sale for many years.

Chuck has lots of cars and decided he liked the 4 door model with a little off the top.  The stock Deuce color is a winner but the complete Corvette FI motor hooked to a four speed makes this one fun to drive.

Cornhuskers built this one a few years ago and I have added it to my dream list.  The LA owner sold it but I was able to see the car a time or time while it was here.  I loved the entire car but was a few $$$ short.  Blackwalls and steel wheels and down the road I would go.

Maybe Frank has this one running by now, if so, please send me some photos.  He can locate some of the best Deuces available.

I found this photo of my Fat Jack chassis tudor I was building in the 80’s.  Note the front 4-bar set up.  Jack made his own kit and it was a work of art.  John now makes this set up for 35-48 cars if you want something that works better than the wishbones.

I had this 41 (Ruby 1) at the same time as the sedan.  Jack in Detroit purchased it from Dick who had drug it home from CA.  He said it was once the Beatty tow car for Bonneville but I never did pursue the history.  My son and I hauled his surfboard to Dana Point on most weekends.  Smooth running boards were in style in 1980.

Today’s sedan project….Dreaming!

From the web this sedan project would be a perfect replacement for Ruby.  I don’t know if it was for sale but it looks like it might have been in the swap meet area at Columbus last weekend.  The photo is from Kirk at Goodguys.  See the HAMB.

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