Wednesday’s Words

I left the house early to go and pick up my friend Bob who just had neck surgery and cannot drive for 90 days.  He is doing good but needed to get out of the house and see some of the “Office” gang.  After coffee, he asked me to take him over and look at his project cars he has in progress.  Once you are faced with a major medical problem the cars projects come to an abrupt halt.  He was happy to see the cars and they both are waiting for his return.  I was glad to give him a boost for the day.  I know when I went through surgery I was pleased to just walk out in the garage and look at my projects.  People who love cars are happy to just see some neat ones to perk them up.  I did not take any photos as he needed to go back home and rest.  When he is feeling better I will take some more photos of his garage and cars.

I have been plagued with loud banging sound in Ruby’s front suspension.  I have had it looked at by several people and they could not see where the noise was coming from. Today I mentioned it to another car builder and he said, without looking at the car, that is was probably due to the ball joints not being lubricated correctly.  I had never thought of this, as the front suspension is a fresh build.  The more we talked the more I thought he was correct.  I will take the car to the shop and have them lube the front end and see if that corrects the problem.  One thing about a hot rod is you always have something that requires maintenance of some sort.  I will let you know if the problem went away.

I hope to do something constructive this afternoon on Lucy as she has been neglected lately.

Stay Tooned!


Classical Gas has this hiboy for sale and I liked the look even though it doesn’t have a chopped top.  I love the Washington Blue and dark brown interior combination.

The rear with the tank looks good to me but some folks prefer a rolled pan with a QC hanging out the back.  The chassis is a full P&J unit with coilover rear shocks.

The SBC with Olds valve cover and Cad air cleaner adds to the build theme.  Speedway sells lots of these headers.

Sweden has some neat hot rods and this 34 is one of them.  My buddy Tom will like this one which is the next step up from his…it has paint.  Maybe I should sell the roadster body and buy a three window body at the LARS this month.

Here are two of Henry’s most popular trucks.  Vic’s BBW 56 and Bob’O’s 40 were sitting in front of the “Office” while the board meeting was being conducted.

Here is one of my favorite Deuce 3 windows.  Perfect stance and posture for a period build.

This is the only engine that should be in the Washington Blue coupe.  Bob O is making him a fan set up like this one.  Note the dual coils.

If your in to old customs then the LARS is the place for you to be on Father’s Day Weekend.  Is that an original Carson Top?  I think so.

Here is another non chopped Deuce hiboy sedan from IL.  I love the maroon and dark brown interior with the skinny radial tires.

Today’s Roadster……Dreaming!

I really like this hiboy of McGee’s.  I used to see it around town when Dick owned it but it didn’t look like this.  I really never knew much about the car until my friend John in Canada told me the story.  This roadster has the perfect top in my mind.  The “Bob Top” not to be confused with the “Bop Top” was made by Albert to the same specs as McGees.  Walt and I prefer this one over Doan’s.  Bruce owns both of them so he can make the decision which one he wants to drive to the LARS.

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