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As we grow older we tend to become a little grouchy when things aren’t perfect.  The SL Roadster show this weekend is being threatened by some inclement weather and the old dudes may pass on the show.  It maybe a little cold with some scattered showers.  I can remember when it didn’t matter what the weather was going to be we always headed out and had a great time.  I think the more you keep your body in motion the better off you will be.  A little rain can be fun even if you are in a Woody.The rain doesn’t hurt the wood and won’t hurt the interior in your leather seat roadster.  The cold weather can be overcome with a nice plug in vest.  The wife always has lots of blankets and makes sure we stay warm.  If you stay home you will miss a great event and people will accuse you of being a Wimp.  The late Joe Mayall had some No Wimp stickers made up for the roadster guys.  Yes, I have one on my windshield but the car is still in the garage.

I have not worked on my cars for a couple of weeks and I am starting to feel guilty.  Maybe I can accomplish something this week to report on.  In the meantime, here are some more photos from Roys.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a photo of Cliffs 5 window that I featured previously. Note the forward rake and channelled body

Here is the mock up photo of the deeply channelled roadster that Roy is building.  The rear wheel well will be removed and replaced with a flat crowned panel.  Lombardo built one like this for his customers in the 80’s.  Little John also built his 29 with flat panels featuring Steve Davis metal work.

Phil reminded me that Steve Davis originally built this 27 for one of his customers.  John has changed from a banger to a V8 60 with a set of ultra rare Ardun heads.

John also had his full on salt flat car on display.

The Moal chassis has torsion bar rear suspension also.  Note the inner fender panel has been cut out and replaced with a flat piece to accommodate larger tires.

I love to look at nice metal work on the chopped cars. The top was only cut one inch and a small vertical slice was required to line up the sheet metal.

A very well detailed flathead was looking good in this 29 hiboy roadster.  Note the reflection in the firewall.

The interior was very well done and smelled new.  The Knecht Auburn dash panel looks like is was made for a Deuce…. It was!

Today’s B400…..For Sale


Jerry has decided to part with his B400 and has listed it on ebay.  This is a super nice original car with a hopped up banger that will put out 125HP.  See ebay for more information.

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