Wednesday’s Words

It is a hot one today in LA and the wife and I just returned from Pasadena where she had to go for some “special shopping”.  On the way home we stopped at the Mall for some more “special shopping”.  Don’t ask, I am just the driver and remember a happy wife is a happy life.  We had time to discuss the merits of a convertible or roadster in this heat and came to the conclusion that a closed car is the best all around bet for a daily driver.  I reminded her that I have always preferred convertibles even when I lived in the Midwest.  Bob came to the “Office” this morning in his roadster with the top up.  I think at our age, having the top down is not good for our old skin.  I have driven from LA to SF with the top down and the result was not pretty on my old legs or arms.  Now I think a 46 convert with the top down, the A/C blowing,  long pants and shirts with Sun Bloc plastered over your entire face (chem0 in a tube) would be a good idea but pretty uncomfortable.  I love Ruby with the A/C blowing, the squeaking of the wood and the hi-way passing by under the insulated floor.  Now you’re talking.

The best spot for a roadster on a hot day is in the garage.  On a cool day or PCH drive in the evening is perfect for keeping the topless feeling alive.  I plan to see a lot of topless roadsters at Brizio’s Shop Party on Saturday.  Parking is a premium and many of Roy’s customers park their cars inside on Friday.  If you are in the Bay area you need to stop by and have a peek.  Roy builds some of the best roadsters out there and they do go down the road.

In case you forgot, Sunday is Mother”s Day and the little women needs to be recognized for her efforts.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who put up with Hot Rodder’s, young and old.

Stay Tooned!


It is always nice to see a resto rod as nice as this one.  Again, black wheels are the current rage on a black car.

This little hiboy had some different features from your normal deuce roadster.  Painted Moon tank looked good and adds to the race car look.

There are many old style parts on the inside.  A 40 column, 37 dash, and very nice looking vintage heater.

Dave and his friend took the scenic way home from B’field and stopped to smell the poppies.  He drives his $300 coupe (all steel) all over the West.  He is getting ready for a new coat of Red Oxide.  He is keeping the flame going for sure.

The hanger party had some neat 40 coupes in attendance.  Gary fell in love with the Folkstone Gray version.  That is George with his Deuce hat on giving his approval for something other than a Deuce.

A forty parked between two Deuces is perfect company.  The grapes in the background will soon be put in bottles for us to consume.

Vern Tardell built this Winterleaf light Brown hiboy roadster.  Very can built traditional cars better than most.  Note Edelbrock Slingshot intake and dual belts.  Gary said the flatty had a great sound.  This color looks good on a sedan also….right Jim!

Here is a partial lineup of the cars in attendance.  The beautiful 37 cab is the real deal and is owned by another Sonoma local.

This very nice black plate Deuce sedan has a timeless look with straight panels and Halibrand wheels.

Today’s Hot Weather ride…..Ruby….Thanks Walt!

Ruby visited the tennis courts but could not find a match.  The A/C works great and the leather seats stay cool.

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