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I very seldom become involved in a conversation about the term “Rat Rod” as I totally am against the implication implied by the term.  I much prefer to use the term “Retro Rod” and leave it be.  I have nothing against anyones preference in building a car of their style and have seen some amazing young talent building these cars.  It seems most “Retro” builders lean toward the prewar look for guidance and vision.  I am a fan of that era also as long as they are safe and built with the theme in mind.  Yesterday, Dave drove his “Retro Ride” to our luncheon.  He found an old orchard Deuce pickup that had a very cherry body but lots of surface rust and “patina” as it is called today.  He has been working on the truck for some time and finally has it ready to roll on the highways.  Bob O also drove his “Retro Ride,” a 1940 Ford pickup with primer spots everywhere like you would have done in high school.  We purposely built them that way as paint was too expensive for most of us.  We eventually primered the whole car when money became available.  I must say that these two trucks drew a big crowd of even some of the non hot rodder’s in attendance.  Perhaps there is a message in this style of hot rod that states “We love old Fords and here are two for you to admire”.  Whatever the case, take a good look at Dave’s Deuce and notice all the rare accessories he has collected.  Nice ride Dave.

Stay Tooned!


Yesterday was truck day and these two beauties looked like they were straight out of the high school parking lot for a quick smoke and lunch at the local diner.  Both trucks are driven regularly.

Just like the good days all the boys (with gray hair) had to have a look at the Deuce pickup truck of Dave’s.

Here you can see the Buick drums and F 250 backing plates on an old stretched and dropped axle.

Keeping the theme going Dave installed a 327 ahead of the 36 trans and stock rear end.  He added the Cad air cleaner, Olds Rocket valve covers, Hurst mount, Chevy smog pump alternator bracket and ram horns.  This is really how it was and he did a great job of keeping the “Look” intact.  Maybe a generator is next and the old dual points distributor would complete the look.

You only have to pull the knob on the emergency brake to make it work.  The lever pushes down the button when pulling the knob.  This is a safety item.

The lack of power steering makes this “necker knob” a must for making those tight turns.  Dave collects steering wheels in his swap meet travels.

Another rare item is this dual mirror that allows the driver to see what is coming or going on the two lane highway.  I have never seen one of these mirrors before this one.

From the rear you can see the turn signal lights telling the following car which way the truck is turning.  The sheet metal on this truck is very nice and has no rust except on the surface.

Dave installed the NOS station wagon rear fender only to find out it needs have a piece of metal added to fit.  He is going to sell this one and install some FG ones until he can locate some real ones.  No one makes the pickup rear fender that fits the original box.  Brookville makes ones that fit their RPU.

Bob O has welded in a 40 passenger car dash to his 40 pickup.  He also added the iPod for his long distance cruises.  He has the 39 transmission with a Columbia rear axle which makes cruising to Bob’s an easy task on Friday nights.

Today’s other Deuce Delivery….dreaming!

George can join our “Retro Rides” Club with his over the top ride.  All he needs is more red oxide and some Mexican blankets to make it work at the Habit.

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