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The love of the old Ford never seems to diminish in anyway.  I continue to hear from my viewers of their fascination with early Fords they own, want or have owned over the years.  My interest have never wained but as I grow older I wonder what or who will keep the flame burning.  Will the monetary value continue to be there or will old Fords be headed to large private collections to protect them?  Most of the people I know really are true Ford enthusiasts and really don’t care if the value goes up or down.  I sincerely believe ownership is strictly the love of the Brand and whatever the future brings will have very little bearing on the decision to maintain ownership.  The late Lynn Williams was talking during his final months about the older we get the less valuable old Fords will become as no one is around that remembers why they were popular.  He had hoped that were true so he could purchase more cars for his collection.

I love seeing the young people involved in the sport even if some of them are going a different direction than we did.  They still prefer the old Fords and have made the Model A  bodies a much sought after item.  Maybe they will keep the flame burning.  We will continue to see late models dominate the car show scene as the demographics of the hobby change to the younger generation.  Take a look around at the next car show and see how many gray beards you see compared to the younger generation.  I don’t know the answer but maybe there are some things we can do to keep the flame burning.  I am not planning on leaving soon and will continue to write this blog to do my part to keep putting more logs on the fire.

Stay Tooned!


Dick is keeping the flame alive with this red 3 window.  He has a collection of Deuces that I am sure bring him much pleasure by just having them around to keep him company.

You would have to look long and hard to find one this nice to have in your collection.  There is something about the 3 window that draws me closer and closer to my early days of building Deuces.  Maybe it is the cowl lights and large headlights that reminds me of the 70 – 80’s Deuces.

It is a small world when you deal in hot rods.  I featured this beauty a year or so ago and Tom sent in some photos of how it looks today.  Tom is in the printing business and had this professional photo taken for his Route 66 calendars.  It is always nice to see what happens to the cars after they change owners.  This beauty is in good hands.

This is the beauty of the model 40 from Ford.  Sitting in the driver’s seat and watching Rt 66 pavement disappear in front of you while all passers by give you the thumbs up.

This fellow will keep the flame burning for a long time.  We even have a new reproduction 5 window coupe available now.  Yes, there is still hope for the hot rod flame to keep burning.

Some killer Model A coupes are being built and show at JCP in the fall.

The young guns don’t need any lessons from us old guys.  Let’s do lunch at Bob’s.

Sometimes and old 46 Rag shows up waiting her turn for some shiny paint, new threads and maybe a new top.

Richard and his son are keeping the flame alive with this cute 27 on Deuce rails.  Richard even built a jig for the chassis.

Here is a good example of a model 40 that would be a nice asset to any collection.  I have not seen it lately but I am sure it lurks the streets of Burbank at night looking for a challenge.  This is how it was folks.

Todays keeper of the flame….really!

I could take some lesson from these guys…they know hot rods and the early look.  I need one of the caps.

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