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Today is a big day for me.  Don’s transmission problem turned out to be in the Gennie Shifter linkage and not the transmission.  The cost to fix it is about 3 hours which is better than a couple three days of labor to remove, repair and reinstall the trans.  I know you all don’t have the labor rates we do in CA but 3 hours relates to about $300 by the time you pay all the fees the shops charge you.  It is not uncommon to pay $800 or 900 per day labor charges in most shops.  Don is retired and living on a pension so the news was good news to both of us.

Bob O called last night and was having trouble with the Runtz resistors on the back of his gauges in the 40.  He did not know about the metal strap that goes between the gauges.  I told him to remove the strap and install the resistors like the diagram shows and he would be in good shape.  You also need to make a common hot wire from the ignition to the gauges and across each (3) resistor.  You don’t need to change the ammeter as it doesn’t care what voltage you run through it.  I think the 40 will be back on the road today and have the brightest lights on the road.

Bruce brought my sprinkler controller to the staff meeting and said it was a dead player.  Now this is not good news but at least I know what needs to be replaced.  I am headed to the Home Depot to pick up a new unit for a small portion of what a new quality unit cost ($400 vs $70).  It always happens when you stay in a house too long.  I ended up turning each valve on manually yesterday and wore my bathing suit.  Now this is a fun day.  While I am out, I can stop by the paint store and spend some more money for paint to spray my engine.  Remember, is it only money you’re pouring into the hole called a hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


Bob has finished his patina 40 coupe and has it on the market for $45K.  If interested let me know and I will put you in touch with him.  Bob thinks this is one of the better drivers he has built ( and that is saying something) in a long time.  An axle car with a 350/350, 8 inch rear on parallel leafs.  Jump in a head to the beach for a day of cruising PCH.

The car is a CA model with no rust and lots of patina.  The deck lid still has the original waffle lining installed.  Note the perfect fit of the trunk lid to the body.  Be the hit of the show with this real barn find (sort of) 40 coupe.

I am still focused on Lucy, but the new SRM got me looking at chopped hiboy sedans.  I used to think these wheels were the best you could have on a hiboy, but now I like the skinny steelies and bias belt look.  You should have two sets as a lot of folks do.  I would guess about 3 inches out of the top.

The 40 dash looks right at home in this Deuce  This one is cut in the middle and on the ends.  They will fit by just cutting the ends and leaving the center grille stock.  You loose the ash trays which are not popular in CA.  There is no smoking even at some beaches.

This is Andre’s dash insert not Bob o’s.  His is mint.  The two metal strips are power strips and must be removed to install the Runtz resistors.  The second terminal goes to the sending unit which can remain stock in the flat head.  Bob O is doing his conversion while the panel is still in the dash as he can climb under the dash and work.  If you want to remove panel you will need to remove the 4 plates that keep it in place.

Lee Kelly did this conversion and it works perfect.  You only need to hook up your senders to the S’s, wire in the hot lead and you have a new 12 volt instrument panel.  The reducer is on the temperature gauge shown on the lower right above.

Lee makes the units look brand new and his work is flawless.  The cost is very reasonable and varies from unit to unit depending on what he has to do to the unit.

Sometimes wiring can be intimidating when you have this many wires.  Note neat heater in this 37 Woody.

I have a jig for my 40 but I would like to have a set of these stands once the car is together.  Tom has his day bed under the car and it works really nice.  If you don’ t have a lift these are the answer for an under chassis job like the exhaust system or pluming chores.

Here is the exhaust manifold I need for Andre which is just the opposite of the one I used on Lucy.  Note the builder welded the bracket on top of the frame instead of under the top rail.  By doing this you raise the steering up higher and cause more interfence with the manifold.  The box is so high that the top bolt hole is not attached to the plate.  This is a non GM 525 or 122 box depending on the shaft size and splines with 4 mounting holes versus 3.  Note early Hurst mount in the stock water pump ear mounting position.

The late Art Branum claimed this 40 tub was one of 6 Ford built for the 1939 Worlds Fair.  He led the 40 is 50 tour with this car in 1990.  He son has it now and I am sure it still looks the same.

Today’s Deuce center crossmember….dreaming of my early days.

Taken from the HAMB this wishbone mount and rear x members are a real work of art.  Saving old Deuce frames and using wishbones and transverse springs brings tears to me eyes.  I really like this stuff as I admire the craftsman who design and build the retro style.  I may have one like this left in these old bones.  I am not after anything but a garage fixture with this set up or maybe a trip to the “Office”‘

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