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I just returned from the Doctor’s office after completing my physical exam.  I do this every March and I am always a little apprehensive until I have all the results back.  I relate this experience to taking your car to a shop to have work done and when the final estimate comes in, you are amazed at the answer.  My Doctor and I have been together for 20 years and I trust him completely when he tells me something.  I know shop shops are the same way and that is why they are still in business.  Having work done on your car usually comes from experience or word of mouth with the shop or person.  Networking is what I rely on to guide me when I don’t know where to take the car.  Painters, upholster’s fabricators and general mechanical work on a hot rod requires someone who respects you love for the car and will treat it with the same respect.  I have always done most of my own work except upholstery and I had a good experience with the shop I choose.  He was referred to me by a friend and I could see his work.

Lucy is going to need the interior done and I plan on using Conejo Upholstery as I know Alan and have seen his work.  He is very talented and busy so I will plan ahead for the trip to the upholstery shop.  I have made a timetable for the completion of the roadster and hopefully it will be running by Father’s Day…now for a good painter.

Stay Tooned!


County Line Rod shop has been turning out some nice model 40’s lately.  This is his latest, a 1934 Vicky.

Unlike the 33 the 34 Vicky has a trunk lid and small trunk area.  You don’t see many Victoria models but they are popular.  This one is mounted on a TCI chassis.

Kevin had his 33 tudor in for some adjustments and Dave took some photos of the perfect sedan.  Note battery connections under the rear cover.  A very smart idea if you need a jump and the battery is inside the car or at a hard place to access under the car.  Ruby (Woody) has the same set up.

Here is a rear gas tank cover that has been shortened and looks really nice on this coupe.  It they are stock they are too bulky in my mind.

Sitting in the driveway waiting for a new owner to come by and make a decent offer.  High School Hot Rod and right on the money.  Do you think R&P interior in black and white?  I think so.

This is a very nice car and I only show you this to see how a coupe looks when lowered too much in the back or not enough in the front.  Level doesn’t work for me.

A nice shade of deep maroon makes the car an unpretentious beauty with class written all over it.

The interior was executed in a deep shade of maroon also and I like the door patterns which combines the stock ribs with the R&P of the 50’s.

O.K., I am a push over for the big 46-48 converts and this mint stocker shows up every year at Johnny Carson park for me to drool over.  How about that license plate.

I picked up another QC and thought I would do an article on how to install the 9 inch ends on the 40 axle tubes.  This is the best way as opposed to butt welding them but the housing must be straight.

One way to measure for the axles required but you will need to make sure every thing is assembled prior to measuring.

Today’s Roadster…Tom and Rose on the cover.

This has to be the most photographed Deuce Hiboy ever.  Roy brought it back to like for Jorge.

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