Wednesday’s Words

Bob called early and told me Neil had the top irons and bows done for the 33 Ford roadster he has. Neil has been working on them for a couple of months and they were finally completed. The big problem with the Gibbon body is that there is no place to attach the irons. Neil solved the problem and they have new mounts installed. Albert came over to look at the finished product and noticed that there is not enough lip to install the rear snaps around the back of the lip. I told him I made a piece of 3/4 inch tubing to attach my top material. Bob came up with some stainless tabs to attach the snaps to the body. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Several of my friends are getting cars ready to sell at the LARS. I think the market is still real soft but you only need one buyer to have a successful day. I am going to have a swap space with some junk that I know I will never use. I will wait in line and hope I find some nice deals while walking up and down the waiting line. This wait can take several hours as they don’t open the gates until 10:00 AM. Time goes fast and you see all of your old friends. You may even sell some stuff while waiting.

I have been helping the wife this week so I have not worked on the cars. Maybe tomorrow I can do some work on Andre.

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes you should just leave them alone and hop it up under the hood. Note lake pipes under front fender and drilled axle.

When you think of a daily driver 40 coupe is this it? Ken has been done with his for years…348, auto and 9 inch.

Alan’s idea of a daily driver is different from Kens. This is my old 48 convert that he just finished painting Vanilla Shake. He has everything perfect prior to painting.

Here is the interior and dash. I did the dash and then quite. Alan never quits a project until completed. It must be nice to have that drive.

The firewall had all the holes filled and retained the stock look. The cowl on this side was the worst part of the car but it is now perfect thanks to Alan’s ability.

Another 48 which is housed down the street from me. Joan drives this car all the time and in fact was here today driving this beauty. I love the white walls and steel wheels. Alan’s will have billet wheels and that’s O.K. by me.

Note all the snaps on this Bop Top. A stock top doesn’t have that many snaps and looks cleaner.

The street in front of SO-CAL on Friday afternoon is always crowded.

Pete can build some nice model A coupes if you don’t want a roadster.

Today’s Roadster…Dreaming for sure!

You can save a lot of time, not money, if you purchase the starter kit for $40K. You need another $100 to finish it. They turn out real nice as there is one in town.

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