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The drag racers are in town getting ready for the NHRA Winter Nationals in Pomona.  Each year they start off the tour racing for the points and championship in their class.  I used to be a regular at the event but no longer go for the weekend.  The cars are so fast today all you hear is the noise and the crowds screaming for their favorite driver.  The event draws thousands of spectators and friday is the only day to go if you want to avoid the crowds.  Several of the “Office” crew are going on friday but I will be watching on TV.

I am still nursing the sore back so I went down to Da Rod Shop to see what Steve was working on.  His shop is always busy and today was no exception.  He has cars everywhere and his shop is bustling with activity.  I talked to him for a while then headed back home to do some more dreaming.  I am right at home in a hot rod shop and love to see what they are building that interest me.   Once home, I looked at Andre’s front wishbones again and figured out how to shorten them about 1/2 inch.  I made the first cut a little longer than required as I didn’t have an accurate measurement from the P&J instructions.  I use a stock width axle and P&J uses a Super Bell which is two inches shorter between the perch mounts.  When I get better I will finish welding them and send them to the powder coater for a nice gloss black coating.

The weekend calls for showers so I don’t know about the sundayEarly Times Run but hopefully it will clear up by then and I can take some photos.  Dave is going to the Big Three Swap meet in San Diego and always takes some great photos.

Stay Tooned!


Four doors are being purchased by many people today.  This unique example is one that has had extensive metal work done to make it a 4 door convertible sedan with a lift off top.

This nice 5 window would have been right at home in the 80’s with its red paint, cowl lights and steel wheels.  It will always be in style with me.

It is hard to beat a chopped and slammed 36 roadster.  I don’t recall seeing many of these in my younger days but I see lots of them now.

One problem with the dropped axle set up in the 40 ford is the front sway bar.  This one off design shows what can be done with some clever engineering.  Note use of heim joints and the stock spring perch.

Since you liked yesterday’s 40 coupe I know you will like Gary’s high school ride.  Mandatory equipment to drive this car is a ducktail hairdo, red wind breaker with the collar turned up and harley boots with horseshoe cleats.  All 40 coupes should set like this one.

Tim has joined the 4 door club with his very nice Deuce.  Note mustang steering which dates the car back to the 70’s.  He has a few more Deuces in his collection also.

Long time builder Ray from Ohio has built some of the nicest rides around.  This chopped 5 window has the look of a “Full House”.

If you want a nice one you need to take the body down to bare metal and bring it back to life… No small job on these large bodies.  In my mind the hardest part is fitting the trunk to the lower pan.  Most 40’s you see are not even close to maintaing the correct gap.  Henry didn’t do a good job either.

Today’s Deuce hiboy…dreaming!

The RB built this Bonneville looking sedan for the GNRS a few years ago.  You can watch the video on their site Rolling Bones.

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