Wednesday’s Words

The winds are blowing today and it is much too cold to work in the garage.  The wife and I decided to go over to IMS and stop by the IKEA store so she could pickup a few things.  I did manage to secure the aluminum I needed but had to purchase a whole sheet as partial sheets  were not available in the thickness I required for my water cooler motor plate.  I can use the rest of the sheet on some future project.  I completed the wiring of the motor and switch on the water cooler and Bob came over and blessed my work.  The motor works fine and should last as long as I will be welding.  Now for the final assembly and I will be back in business.

I have some more photos of the GNRS to show you today and probably tomorrow….So…

Stay Tooned!


I know I liked this hiboy from the moment I saw the Washington/Lombard blue paint and dark brown interior.  It looked like a SO-CAL car but I don’t think they built it.  It is hard to beat a nice looking hiboy roadster like this one.  You could drive this one on the street or show it and be proud.

Rudy had just finished this Mercury and it was breathtaking to say the least.  The chop and body work were perfect.

Green seems to be the color to use with black cars this year.  There were several Mercury’s in the show but this one was my favorite.

A well advertised car this Alan Johnson built hiboy really is quite trick with all of his Perfection Parts installed.

Roy at West Coast Street Rods built this local car.  The car now sports a new Gabe interior and caught my attention at the show.  I had seen the car in Roy’s booth at Father’s Day but it was not finished.  The black paint was a mile deep and the sheet metal was arrow straight.

Pat had a prime spot in building 3 this year and his roadster was looking good.  Note his Polished wheels for another look when he decides those WW’s need a rest.  Cadillac powered and a real Deuce roadster.

It seems a lot of people are building RPU’s and this green and black fendered car from Fresno was well done.  Wire wheels are really popular on 32’s.

Brookville had a new set of fenders and pickup box available for you 32 pickup cab.  These will not fit a stock Deuce pickup bed.

Outside the Palace was this record holding brass screw sedan.  I quite counting at 10,000 screws.  I know someone spent many hours and days doing this work.  The interior was full of special constructed items also.  Definetle,y in your face style, the workmanship was great.

Today’s Custom 1940 Coupe….because he can!

Donn Lowe, a renown custom car builder, had a show stopper with his radical 1940 Ford coupe.  As you can see in the bare metal picture he knows how to do metal work properly.  I would hate to guess the hours or dollars involved in the build but it is a true show car as we used to know them.

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