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The wife’s birthday is tomorrow so I headed out early to the staff meeting and stopped by the mall to pickup something nice for her.  My wife is a great person who helps me daily with my chores.  I have been trying to convince her that she should get a new 40 Ford coupe to drive around but she has not warmed up to that idea yet.  Women are slow when it comes to spending money.  She settled for flowers and candy which is a whole lot less expensive but not as much fun.

Bob O and I were headed to the Kennedy Boys today but my shopping trip got in the way.  I may try to make it tomorrow afternoon if I don’t get in the show early.  The Boys always have neat stuff in their shop for us to admire.  I think we may take in Joey’s BBQ and have the Tri-Tip lunch special.  I am not sure if Bob will drive his coupe, roadster or settle for the Prius.  We make it out there and back for about $3 worth of gas/electricity in the Prius.  Sometimes you need to conserve and think Green in order to help out the CARB. (California Air Research Board)

I am still thinking about 40 coupes and yesterday I received a set of photos from Bill in Carolina showing me some of his forties.  I  think you will like them.  I don’t know how all the cool coupes ended up in the Carolinas but I seem to see more and more of them showing up.  Maybe the “Shine” business is booming again.  I really think it is time for a National 40 Ford day to be held in some central location and see how many would attend.  Henry built a lot of 1940 Fords and many of them are still running around.  Maybe we could hold a Deuces and Forty Day and have a huge turnout.  Let’s see… both icons are being reproduced and soon maybe Ford will be in a position to sponsor the event.  Just a thought!

Stay Tooned!


It looks like Joe Nitti’s 32 turned into a 40 coupe.  The white house, purple car and whitewalls would look good on any coupe of the era.  I don’t think the Appelton’s would look good on the Deuce.  Note standard rear fender and pencil tip exhausts.  We always added the tail light and sometimes without the rear backing plate.

I always talk about Frantic … here he is on his way to Louisville and stopped over to change the name of this Casino to Frantic’s.  He has been across the country numerous time in his delivery.

Tim has completed the interior in his Folkstone Gray coupe and is now having the Woody upholstered.  He doesn’t let the grass grow very long in his garage.  Nice color Tim.

Bill has a real sleeper in his stock appearing 40 standard coupe.

The 1956 Cadillac Eldorado engine should give that black and white a run for his money.  Can you say CLEAN!

A full leather Labaron-Bonney interior along with the correct 40 heater really gets my heart pumping.  This is my style of car.  Nice work Bill.

A quick look at the Halibrand Champ.  The spool is no good for the street but the rest is what makes the Champ so nice.  Swap meet only these days and usually inexpensive because Winters owns the market.  Sales and Service make a company great.  I have a couple of these stored away.

I wonder if a man could be happy with this look in his forty coupe.  A lot of folks in my youth loved this motor and many still do.

One thing about 40 coupes the interior is the owner’s choice.  Bob had this one done in leather and selected the tilt column and floor shift.  Somehow the non stock dash doesn’t appeal to me but I have driven this one and it is real comfortable.  Sandy loved to drive it.

What most people don’t realize is the amount of wiring it takes to make the car operate properly.  This Woody does not have air but most everything else.  Gary can make it look easy.

Most builders like to keep the firewall clean so the routing of the wires takes some forethought.  Note the wiring has been routed down the inner kick panel and through the outside cowl.  Once the fender is attached and some shielding is added this will be undetected to the observer.

Today’s Most Beautiful Roadster….dreaming!

Lots going on here…. Carson top, grille guard, louvered hood, whitewalls and chrome welting…. Now this is a winner in my book!

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