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I spent the entire day in the garage working on the rear chassis jig for Andre.  I finished about 6:00 pm, cleaned up and turned on the Barrett-Jackson Auction.  I watch this show less and less each year and I guess I am burned out on auctions.  NCIS is much more entertaining.  I did manage to go to Toppers and have some pizza.  We had a nice crowd and several people drove their cars, which is unusual.  I do receive a lot of requests for where we hold our luncheons and we really only have the “Office” on Stearns and Cochran just off the 118, and Toppers which is also off the 118 at the corner of Erringer and Cochran.  Our largest collection of cars is on the weekends at the Donut Shop (Office).  We have Mopar guys, Hot Rod lovers, and Tri-Five guys who show up almost every day of the week.  This is the life of retirees who love old cars.  The experience level of the group can solve almost all of your concerns either automotive, political, and just plain BS.  If you are in the area come join us for lousy coffee and sometimes good donuts.

My last welding chore ended with the water return hose springing a leak on my TIG torch.  I have fixed it several times but I now need to have it repaired properly.  The hot water is really hot when it bursts.  I have been watching Dave and Fred use a MIG welder and the ease of operation makes me want to purchase one as a backup.  Both of them make a MIG weld look like a TIG weld when finished.  I have never quite mastered the roll of coins look.  I could be talked into one of the little new Miller TIG units to replace my old huge Miller.  I will visit that challenge at the Welding store today.

I need to go to IMS in Sunland and pick up some more tubing.

Stay Tooned!


Don sent along some photos of his 36 roadster that he installed a 39 banjo wheel using a 36 mast jacket and 40 shifter.  The wheel hub on the 36 tube matches the 39 hub and looks great.  He made the upper shifter support and used big truck steering drop.  Yes the “Old Days” are still being practiced by both the young and old dudes.  I find the gauge panel real interesting hanging below the dash.  Don, did you make that also?

Don made the rear license plate surround and adapted the 37 tail lights to the 36 stands.  This is before my time but I like it.

Since I am heavy into model 40’s this year I thought you mike like this little jewel that showed up on the HAMB.  Note front frame horns.

I love this 34 3 window just like it sits.  You need to search long and hard to find one that looks this good.

Steve should have kept this one.  Most of the paint is original on this 40 coupe.  Bob even fitted in an old interior he had.  Nice work.

This is Toppers on a good day. We arrive early and can park where no one will bother or hit our cars.  The non hot rod is the employees car who saves our spot.

Dave drove his $350 Deuce 3 window.  I still think he paid too much for this original 1932 Ford.  Dave won best Deuce story on HRHL a few years ago.

Another Dave drove his 34 tub which he purchased in 1962 from Neal East of Rod and Custom fame.  The tub has been across the country many times over the years and still looks great with the chopped top and laid back windshield.

Fred is a regular at the Office and has a hot flatty under the hood that he built.  Daily driver rock solid hot rod.

This is the rear jig I made for the frame in order that I can roll the car around and onto the trailer for stripping.  It attached to the rear crossmember which I reinforced with a piece of 2×2 x .120 wall  tubing. (temporary)

Today’s Dash…dreaming!

Dave left the Auburn dash and panel intact which is one of the cool parts on the car.  He has held on to most all of his fleet for many years and that is hard to do.

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