Wednesday’s Words

The NHRA Twilight Cruise is tonight in Pomona and I am thinking about going out to see some cars. This event may be light due to the SEMA show but I am sure there will still be lots of cars. Pomona is about an hour drive in good times but can be a real problem at 4:00 pm. I think we will leave about 2:00 pm and drive in the car pool lane. The weather has been in the high nineties and A/C is a welcome accessory in a hot rod especially in traffic.

Hot weather is good for a lot of things but not for painting parts. I hope the weather cools down soon so I can finish the painting of the car parts and the house. Next it will be too cold and I can postpone the chores again. Such is life. The elections were not to my liking but there is not much I can do about it. Proposition 23 did not get revoked so hold on to your smog equipment for a later installation. Thanks to all who at least voted to repeal the Global Warming Act of 2006.

I have been receiving a lot of pictures of cars for sale. I know the season is over, but this is not the time to sell a hot rod. In all my years in the business this is the time to purchase not sell a hot rod. The best thing you can do if you are looking to build a new ride is trade or wait until spring to do the deal. Spring always brings out the buyers who just have to have a new ride for the season and are willing to pay a fair price. Today, people are thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and the money they have to spend for the kids and relatives. I always start my shopping on November 1, and finish by December 1. If I have any money leftover I purchase some car parts for under the tree. Sounds fair to me.

Stay Tooned!


I am one who believes that you do not cut on a 40 Ford. I know several friends who disagree and have redone the rear wheel wells to make room for larger tires. I would never do this but if you must, this photo shows how it can be done to look stock.

Speaking of cutting this is a “too much chop” on a 5 window. I don’t know how you could even see out of the windshield and it certainly would not be legal in our state. I do like the look for a Salt Flat Racer but not for the street.

This rear shot shows how a three and one half inch chop looks on a five window. The side windows are about 9 1/2 inches high.

A young man built this one and it is one of my favorites. A nice clean well executed driver that will force you to take a closer look.

Another 40 coupe has come on the market and looks very straight. Note chassis has been completed with dropped axle and split bones. Now, if you just add another $40K to the car you will be done and driving. Projects car are very expensive to complete especially if you don’t have all the parts.

My friend George is very busy these days but he has this project parked and ready for his attention this winter. Gary in Kansas is also thinking about making his sedan a SD.

I love the Winters QC peeking out of the back. Coil over shocks will make it ride smooth and still be able to carry the load in the delivery’s cargo area.

I have been thinking about what kind of upholstery I would like in my roadster and this Sid/Brizio/Mumford roadster looks inviting to me.

A cold day on the mountain sure looks like fun to me. Would you pull over to say Hello? I would.

Today’s Tub….dreaming.

John is hoping to have his new tub on the road this summer. Tubs are fun and you can carry your grandchildren to Pomona.

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