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In today’s climate old Fords are being saved from the crusher by hot rodder’s world wide.  If you look at Fordbarn you will note all types of sheet metal is available to save your baby.  I receive many request’s for photos of original firewalls, floorboards, quarter panels and other parts that a viewer is trying to restore and needs a reference.  I for some reason have a lot of photos of various sections of the Deuce, Model 40, Forties and 46-48 Fords .  They come in handy when you are restoring your body.  The Green Book has lots of diagrams but a photo of the real thing is much easier to copy.  Bob Drake has made available some really nice parts for the Forties and Brookville will sell you a complete car or just a quarter panel.  I have watched many cars being put by together by experts who know how to shape and weld metal.  I am amazed at how they do this and the money spent on making it happen.

Gary in Kansas has a talent for piecing together Deuces to make them whole again.  He sent in some photos of his Sedan Delivery project which is coming along nicely.  I don’t have the skills to do this but admire those who can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  He once had several parts from an orginal delivery but this one looks like he is making his own rear door from a Deuce door.  I am looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Thanks for you who responded to my request for Deuces for the GNRS next year.  Bob is looking for a stock 5 window, Roadster, Victoria and both a hot rod and stock sedan delivery.  Let me know if you would like to show your vehicle.

I am still cold from the weather so I better crank up the furnace and warm up a little bit.

Stay Tooned!


If you want a nice chop on a Deuce sedan this 2 1/2 inch is a great one to copy.  The rear window looks like it has been cut the same amount.  Some people like to leave them stock when they chop the top but I don’t think it looks in proportion to the side windows.

This hammered 34 coupe has the Salt Flats look and is starting to take shape.  You can see how many patch panels have been installed and the amount of work required to make it look correct.  I think those front bones are going to hit a lot of speed bumps although this is how it was done in the early days.

Here is a photo of a stock 40 Ford firewall that could save any butchered firewall you may find.  I have a couple of these that I have savced from those who installed the Bithcin firewall.

Gary has pieced together the rear door pieces to form the door.  Note new drip rail above door.

The door has now been roughed in and is ready for final body work.  This rear window is larger than the 3 inch chop of the sides.

A view of the inside shows how he pieced together two sections to from the rear door.  The original ones had a wooden frame that the rear skin from the sedan was attached.

This is how the car looks today.  I have shown the pieces he used in previous posts and thought you would enjoy seeing the roughed in sedan delivery Deuce.  The chop is on an angle 3 1/2 inch front to 3 inch rear.  Looks wicked good to me.

Here is the front of Lucy as she looks today.  The Buick and Wilson backing plates look good but I wish I would have installed 16 inch wheels with a deeper inset.  I don’t like the bulkiness of the drums.

The rear drums are just right.  I used early 12 inch Buick backing plates and front drums.  I need to clean the dust off these to make them sharper looking.  I have a fortune in this conversion but I like the look.  Frantic helped me with the machine work.

Someone asked about clearance with the Magnum axle and stock spindles.  You can see the interference with the steering arm in this picture.  They must be really bent down or cut off to clear the axle.  I choose to cut off the steering arms and use the deep drop ones from CE.

Today’s Garage Scene…dreaming!

Gary has this P&J chassis that is a little different with the 40 banjo,  pull out axles and open driveline.  This would look really great and be different from the 9 inch.  I could add the QC and really be cool….Stay Tooned!

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