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Sometimes a rainy day is good for staying inside and working on the cars. I spent the entire day working on the Woody and Andre. I first tackled the Woody taillight that was not working. It seems that the men in the black and white cars like for you to have both lights working. I really feel they liked the Woody more than the taillight problem so I was asked to have it fixed as soon as possible. I traced the problem to some broken wires and contacts in the light socket. Wooden cars also need to have a ground wire installed to make sure the light has a strong beam. I ordered a new socket wiring from C&G and should have the problem fixed by tomorrow.

The door lock still requires some more work and I have drilled the set screw about half way through and my arm gave out. I will finish tomorrow. The secret is a good 3/32 drill bit, a lot of lubricant and even more patience. The day went by fast and I did not attempt to go to the NHRA Museum due to the rain. Maybe next month I will make it.

I also picked up the flex plate for the roadster’s engine and some black engine paint. It is supposed to be nice this weekend and I plan to paint the motor and work on the house roof which is still leaking.

Stay Tooned!


Steve has a very small back window after the 4 inch rear chop. He could have made the window larger but he is young and wants the real racer look. Side mirrors are a must with these mail slot rear windows.

These are my favorite photos. Cars are meant to be driven and the sedan really looks cool going down the road.

Steve from Illinois sent along some photos of a very nice SD. This would certainly make Andre look bad. I need to go to work.
Thanks Steve for some inspiration.

I love the way the owner kept the original taillights and bumper. Is that a trailer hitch under the bumper? I think so.

This old 34 mock up is looking good. I don’t know where they find them but I am waiting for my turn. I love this one.

This is a photo of the problem taillight. The two contacts had no juice to them per my test light.

Here is the problem. The fabric lining had come loose from the housing and the wires were broken in half causing a weak or no light at all in the end.

These wires are covered by fabric to make them look old. The wires shown in the photo are damaged are hard to detect under the fabric coating. Make sure you have the spring and bakelite backing when you re-install the wires. The tension provided by the spring keeps contact strong when the lights are on.

The lock opening is now free of the lock mechanism and will take the new unit after stripping this week. Lots of work but the end result turned out great.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

Bill got this one in pieces from another Springfield roadster builder. He started to put it back together but I have not seen and update in several years. Yes, take them anyway you can get them.

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