Wednesday’s Woody

Woodies have always been on my list as a car I would like to own. Most of my friends have a Woody and would not part with them. Some of them have more than one. I have had only one, a 1946 Ford that I purchased from Ted in Napa. The car is now owned by Bill and it turned out great. The theme of the build was stock with a Chevrolet 283 hooked to the original drive line. He did add 4 wheel Lincoln brakes and now he can go anywhere at freeway speeds and stop. Another one that got away.

There are several Woody only meets in California that offer a very nice day near the ocean. Santa Cruz and Wavecrest are two great venues to hold an event. When I first started attending Woody meets in the 80’s most of the cars were completely stock. As time passed and Woodies became more popular the upgrades to modern drive lines and amenities grew. Don Thelan started the trend in the late 80’s. Now you will see lots of modified Woodies at the shows. I like them both ways.

Don sent me some pictures of a Woody that has come on the market. I am not in a position to purchase one of this high quality but if you have a few bucks not making any money this looks like a nice car.

I have been working on the flathead and now have it ready to take out of Andre. Lots of work but the motor will make someone a nice engine for their traditional ride. I felt it was better to have the heads off so you could see what the cylinders look like. The 327 will now fill the opening.

Stay Tooned!



Here is a beautiful post war woody that has become available for sale. Stock looking with hot rod touch.


Driver’s side showing stance and white wall tires.


Interior is stock with woodgrained dash and leather seating.


To me this is the best part of the woody. The top wood looks flawless and is great site for the passengers. I want one now.


Surprise, surprise a Hemi under the hood. Has A/C but is not hooked up in this picture.


Nice stance with spare tire on the rear. You must have the tire. Bob takes his off.


This is Andre’s motor on Saturday morning. Ready for a peek.


Driver’s side looked good with no visible problems in the cylinders.


Here is the motor ready to come out. Everything looks good but I still can’t turn it over.

Today’s ride…dreaming


Somewhere in New Hampshire on a beautiful fall day this little coupe is waiting to be taken for a walk. I lived in NH for a few years and except being very cold it is a wonderful place…Closer to Hershey.

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