Wednesday’s Woodie Wagons

I am still doing Wednesday’s Woodie Wagons as I have looked at several over the past few weeks that have been for sale. It seems the market has taken downward turn even though the spring time is here and the Woodie shows are forthcoming. I am not sure what is affecting the market but I think it may be the age of the people who love these old Woodie wagons. Spending savings for an old car might not be in the retirement portfolio like it was back in the early ‘2000s’ when big dollars were being spent for the attractive Woodie Wagon. Don’t get me wrong, some Woodies still bring big dollars (over $100K) but not the $150-200K they used to bring. Decent Woodies can be had for the $65-85K range which is a substantial reduction. If your still in the market for one of these old Wooden Wagons now is the time to go shopping.

Could there be a Woody in your future?

Stay Tooned!





This logo of surfers is based on a “Positive Attitude and Outlook on life.” I try to practice this popular saying even when I have a bad day. I sincerely believe a Woodie driving down the coast really puts a smile on most folks face when they see one. Riding in one is pure serenity.


Early morning fog is a common sight at the Santa Barbara show. The large grassy area overlooks the Pacific and the sun comes out about 10:00 am.

front driver 3-4 view

The last year of the all Woodie bodies for Ford was 1948. Lots of room and squeaks in these big babies.


Having the leather seats covered in a Deuce blanket lets people know you are a Hot Rodder.


The ladies really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Santa Barbara show and have time for the Sunday paper.


Having the tailgate down for easy access to the chairs and food makes for a great day with friends. Cookies are a required staple for Woody events.


Setting up the Tip-Ups provides a nice way to relax and enjoy the camaraderie of friends.


The tailgate down with the back seat folded down in the shoebox makes for a nice picnic table.


There is less room in the early models when the rear seat is left in place.


Jim has his chassis done and now is waiting for the wood portion of his beautiful Woody.


In the meantime, I had him stand in front of Andy’s 40 to keep the “Flame Burning!”


Watching the 40 Woodie traveling along the Malibu coast line next to the Audi A7 really sets the stage for “excitement!”


The wood process is no small task and Chris is the master of his craft. Most cowls and fenders are painted prior to installing the wood.


Even in the early years, Woodies would caravan to the beach for a good time with friends.

Image 6

Yes, spraying the woodie is a messy job and require skills to make it look good.

Image 7

The finished wood must be stored in your family room on the pool table until the chassis is completed. The wife won’t mind!


A nice photo of the beautiful 40 Ford taken in the fall with leaves falling from the trees.


A show winner a couple of years ago was this 1939 Ford Woodie with a Ford engine.


The rear seat sits a little high so the rear passengers can see over the drivers head. The grab handle is a handy item to have in a Woodie.


The rare 42 Ford Woodie makes a beautiful Wagon. I think Roy built this one.


Keeping the Hot Rodded Woodie in style is often done with the SBC done in hugger orange.


Chris did the wood on my old 46 Woodie when Bill and his son restored it. Mostly original wood was used in the restoration. He is the master.


The engine was a SBC hooked to the stock driveline which worked excellent without the flathead problems.


The 49-51 Ford Woodies are real popular and this one explains why. The wood is far less expensive — as is the car.

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