Wednesday’s Woodies

I haven’t featured Woodies in a while as they are really not Hot Rods per say. Woodies that have been modified for over the road driving are really a lot of fun. The second event of the season is this coming Saturday in Huntington Beach, California. The Wavecrest organization has been doing a Sedan Delivery and Woody meet for several years. The year the cars will be located on the Pier similar to Santa Cruz. Jane and I plan on attending as our son will be in town for some golf event. The event draws about 500 cars of all types and provides a fun day for the wife who can shop in all the stores on Main street.

Yesterday I featured my friends 37 Ford woody. He has been working on this car for several years and is almost ready to put the car on the road. Gary started with a very large pile of parts and basically rebuilt or restored everything that goes on a 37 Woody. We all thought maybe he had been out in the sun too long but persistence and his attention to detail has paid off. He now has a beautiful woody to drive. The car features a new wood body, a new frame with Heidts IFS and 8 inch rear axle. The upholstery is brown leather with square weave carpet and a Cordoba Tan exterior with maroon steelies and blackwall tires. The car will be stunning and provide Gary and Sharon a comfortable ride this summer.

Sometimes we need to pursue our dreams before it is too late. Time waits for NO one.

Lets look at some woodies.

Stay Tooned!



The winner every year at Bakersfield is Don’s 40. He builds a different one each year.


I have rode in this beauty. Walts 46 with current updates of A/C, tunes and carpet.


Rare 38 at BM last year. This is a nice ride also.


The best of the best, all stock, at Nicks Woody show.


I like the green 46’s the best of all of them.


Here is a start. All you need is $100K more to finish. Maybe a little more if you need a nice one.


My friend Bob’s 39. The best of the best in my mind. Bruce would like to add this one to his collection.

Dreaming…Today’s Ride….80+ today.


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