Wednesday’s Woodies and Things

The first woody event, Woodies in the Valley, took place last weekend in the scenic Central Valley. While this is a smaller event, it attracts some of the SO-CAL boys who enjoy the drive. The three El’s all drove up for the weekend and took in the activities. I am happy to report they all made it back safely. This weekend is Huntington Beach which marks the start of the Woody season in So-Cal. The Beach Cruiser event welcomes sedan deliveries even though carrying a surf board is not possible unless a skim board is what you use. We are off and running in 2015.

I know most of you celebrated St. Pat’s day by drinking some green liquids and eating some corn beef and cabbage — so did our family. I am of English heritage but always enjoyed celebrating the day with my friends. Memories of the events are still present in my mind and will remain there forever. Many people also featured a green roadster on FB which tells me there are a lot of Irish Hot Rodders.

I have a problem with the back door paint on Pepe. After having the door repaired and painted, the paint has decided to crack again. Sometimes chasing paint problems is just not worth the efforts. I will take it back to Scott so he can see if he car spot in the crack. The life of a Hot Rodder always becomes a challenge after visiting the paint and upholstery shops. I don’t like the process of comebacks but I know they do happen occasionally. Purchasing PPG 93000 is not easy when you live in LA. I am not sure where I can obtain some, but I will need a quart to redo the door and have some reserve on hand.

The weekend will bring happiness to all who choose to drive their Hot Rods.

Stay Tooned!




Our gang had a nice spot under the trees. Curvy always attracts a lot of attention.


Rich sent along some photos of his favorites. This 39 in red was a nice ride and should be in Rich’s garage.


Jim has his beautiful 46 on display and he maintains the car with white gloves and lots of tender loving car. One of the best!


I have shown Sam’s trailer before, but I till like the looks of this woody trailer. He pulls it with a 40 woody wagon.


Rich also like the 35’s in Cordoba Tan with red wire wheels. I like this one also.

Project 40 Woody Update


Here is an update from Ryan on Jim’s woody chassis. Looks like everything is absolutely perfect. A place for everything and everything in place. Ryan is a master of details.


Ryan is plumbing the EFI similar to what Pepe has. The dual fuel tubes provide the required fuel and pressure to keep the system operating properly.


Ryan has run 1/2″ fuel lines which is required for that thirsty beast Jim has under the hood. One side has the feed and the opposite side has the return. Note the hard line shape to clear the body and suspension mounts.


Ryan used and Aeromotive in-tank pump which really is the right pump to use. He made the brackets and mounting tabs for the lines.

Bare Metal Beauties — Waiting for Paint!


This little 3 window is ready for a visit to the paint shop. The stance on these cars must be right on the money like this one is


I love the front fender hanging over the tire and the rear tire hugging the fender….Perfect!

 Coming Home from Paint!

HPIM2987 (2)

Don, on the other hand, is bringing his home for final assembly and enjoyment. Looks like it will be a winner.

 Car Show Season!


Mel has the show display down pat. 1940 License plates for 47 states and a beautiful 40 pickup.


Note the V8 signs on the stanchions. The truck also has a passenger car dash which really adds to cabin area. Have you noticed how popular a 40 pickup truck is with today’s Hot Rodders? I don’t fit in them or I would build one next.


Mel also had his 40 coupe in the 40 is 75 display. Tough life Mel!


I hope all the shows have a special area for the 40 is 75 celebration. They deserve it even though they are younger than the Deuce.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Green is the color of the day and looks good on this 41 delivery.


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