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July is the month for “California Dreaming” while riding up and down the coast highway in your woody. The 4th of July always brings out cars on PCH and woodies in particular. Jane and I plan to drive over to Malibu on Saturday and see the residual of the Friday celebration. California is full of wooden bodied cars that are well preserved. Once the inexpensive choice for young surfers, and now the expensive toys for the collector, a woody is a much admired vehicle by many. While the market has subsided somewhat, the cars still command a high price for a quality built woody. Both street rodded and stock cars are welcomed at all events and the owners are really a fun loving group. Most events are on Saturday and are free. The National Woodie Club has chapters that put on the events and make their money through donations from silent auctions, merchandise sales and clothing apparel. I always donate a picture, purchase some raffle tickets and, of course, an event T-shirt. Pepe is invited to some but must park in a different spot but he doesn’t mind as he is with the big dogs. Deuces, Model 40’s and Forty Fords are my favorite but a woody is the cre’me de la cre’me of car ownership for my wife and I. I owned a 46 which I sold during a weak moment in my life but have been the caretaker of a couple of nice ones from Walt. Look around this holiday and you are bound to see some woodies cruising the coast.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday celebrating our independence. Happy 4th of July!

See you on Monday.

Stay Tooned!




Santa Barbara is next and this is the view from the college hilltop lawn. The venue is always cloudy in the early morning but clears up by noon.

Early arrivals at Santa Barbara City College have plenty of room to stretch out with their wooden toys. Note the heavy fog at 8:00 am. Jane loves the 40 Ford especially this one with the camping trailer and cook stove. Fred did a lot of work on this beauty.

Wavecrest is the biggest of the events I attend and our group usually prefer to park on the street with this magnificent viewpoint.

Woodies on the Wharf is always a big hit with the woody owners. We were in the next town up for our daughters wedding and saw lots of the cars on the way home.

A rare 38 woody has been one of my favorites for a long time. Owner built and beautiful.

Two of my favorite models, the slammed 40 and the super nice 37 were on the Wharf at Santa Cruz. Note the wood difference on the two models.

I followed this Mercury for a hundred miles or so on the way down the coast.

Huntington Beach Cruisers is another supreme venue for the woodies. The sportsman is the highest priced of the wooden cars in the Ford line up.

Some people make them into street rods and they look good also. Walt liked this one.

Certainly gaining in popularity is the shoebox woody (49-51) which is shown above. I felt this was one of the nicest modified ones I have seen.

Tom built one of the nicest woodies I have seen in a long time. Jane fell in love with the color. Tom also likes 40 Fords and drives a pristine 40 coupe.

Deuces and Woodies Weekend!

A 40 woody has the best lines and are far less bulky than the later models. All look good but the 40 is my favorite and the hardest to locate.

Here is my choice for Saturday morning at the Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach. I like it with the fenders better but this will do for now.


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