Wednesday’s Woodies

I had to pick up my wife at LAX and on the way home we decided to take the coast highway rather than the freeway. Balmy 80 degree weather, beautiful scenery and plenty of sunshine makes the drive well worth the effort; besides, I was hungry and the Malibu Kitchen has some great deli sandwiches. Driving along the Pacific always relaxes us after the loud ambience of the 405 traffic and the complete gridlock at LAX. We soon were ordering our Panini sandwiches and having a cold one on the patio. We spent a great deal of time in Laguna Beach during are early years in LA and still look to the beach area for relaxing and driving a woody. A woody on the PCH is a natural and you receive many thumbs up from pedestrians and motorists. We don’t have a woody, but driving Pepe gives us a good feeling also but the classic woody is the vehicle of choice for cruising along the water or at the lake.

The woody season has started with the “Woodies in the Valley” show last weekend. Doheny is the next event in beautiful Dana Point, our old home town. The only difficult part about the event is the heavy traffic going and coming from the venue. Patience is all it takes along with comfortable car and good beach boy music on the iPhone. Life is good, Dude.

Tomorrow, I am headed down to Orange County again and plan to stop by Hot Rods and Hobbies to deliver some parts. I hope to have a peek at the 37 woody they are building. You may recall, they built Gary’s stunning Town and Country a few years ago. While in the area, I am going to swing by Doug and Suzy’s (Wood’n Carr) place to see their projects. We are fortunate to have some of the best woody builders in the world right here in LA. On the way home, we will again take the coast highway and do some “California Dreaming”.

Photos on Friday!

Stay Tooned!


Woodies have been popular for since their inception as shown here on the cover of life. Maybe this was an early Wavecrest.

Traveling the coast has always been popular…or maybe this was the first Doheny Wood…waiting to enter the park.

Early morning fog is what makes the cruise romantic and enticing for me and the wife. A Sportsman is the creme de la creme of the woodies for some enthusiasts. Woody is expensive on these models.

Spectators love to shoot photos of the old wooden cars. Our crew in Malibu.

If you really want one bad enough you can start with a bare cowl and build away and away and away. Jim’s 40 will be a show stopper soon.

I am partial to maroon 46-8 hot rod woodies like this one. The late Don Thelan started the trend in the 80’s and soon they were priced out of this world.

The hot rod woody will have all the creature comforts of a new car but with the class of a woody.

Freeway driving necessitates a modern driveline for making the trip enjoyable…no matter how far you go.

Stopping for gas can be a trip in itself. Gas at this station was 25 cents a gallon. Not bad!

If we grow tired of the beach we can head up to the mountains for the Wooden Boat show and some scenic drives.

If you really get bored you can make it to P-Town for the Goodguys Woody Show. Drive the coast, please.

Jim probably has the most miles on a woody driving the coast his long time ride. I like the stance.

If you don’t want to restore one, buy a brand new one from Cecil at Hercules. Rich are you reading this blog? This is one of the best repo’s I have seen.

Today’s Woody that is Reasonable!

Woodies USA has the 40 for sale at a bargain price. The wood needs some help but that would be easy on this one.


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  2. Lynn I get the vibration that you would still like to have a woodie! Make room in the garage and try not to pizz Pepe off. LOL Bill

  3. Hi Lynn.

    Nice 37!!!!! Valerie says for you to stop baiting me into building another car. ha ha!!
    All kidding aside I’m still working on it. Need to maybe sell the 33


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