Wednesday’s Woodies

Today has been a Woody day. First I had to get Curvy ready for Walt to pick up. She has been here for almost a year but it is now time for her to go back home. Jane and I really enjoyed the use of the car and all the events we were able to attend. The car is the best driving and handling street rod I have ever driven. She was very dependable and required only normal maintenance while under my watch. Thanks to Walt and Lorraine for some great times.

The next woody project to come across my desk was photos of Jim’s 40 woody chassis going together at Ryan Reeds shop in Corona, CA. Ryan is a well qualified builder with a reputation for quality and detail. As you may recall, I located this woody through a friend of mine in Nor-Cal and Jim purchased the project for his next build. Ryan has previous experience at SO-CAL building a 40 woody so Jim knows it will be finished properly. Woodies, when taking apart, need to be fully braced to ensure the wood will go back as required. Ryan built a tubing jig to hold everything in place. I will be following this build over the next year so you can see all the work that is involved in building a woody. Thanks Ryan for the photos and update.

Finally, I was able to sit down at my computer and write today’s blog. The March Meet in Bakersfield is this weekend and promises to bring out some great drag cars. I am not going as I have other plans. I do plan to attend the Poor Boys Open house next  Saturday, March 16th. Dan always has some interesting projects in his shop as well as his Deuce collection. I have a busy week ahead of me but I am the happiest when my mind and body stay busy.

Stay Tooned!


Here is Jim’s woody project as it arrived at Ryan’s shop. The car was a 100% complete which is really important when putting together a 40.

Ryan built this tubing jig to hold everything in place while he was having the body stripped and reworking the floors. The time spent here will really be worthwhile when putting the body back on the frame and fitting the wood.

The body fits in the back of a pickup which makes transporting to the stripper easy. Again, the braces hold the cowl and floorpan in the correct relationship. The wheel wells will be widened to accommodate larger tires for the high horsepower Ford engine to spin as needed….more later.

Jim and Ryan will like this photo someone sent me of the beautiful 40 woody wagon. I could not improve on this one. Jim’s will be a standard model which Ford did produce.

If you can’t locate the hard to find 40 rear fender… then you can have Marcel make you one.

The fender is unique to the woody and is different from the sedan delivery in many ways. Most of them look like this. A new one is the least expensive way to go if you are not a purist.

This Texas trio showed up at P-Town a couple of years ago and wowed the woody fans. The 40 was my favorite.

The 37 makes a nice ride also. A perfect stance helps the 37 reduce the boxy look.

Some folks love the 39 woody. The wife fell in love with both of these beauties. I think the color has a lot to do with a women’s attraction to a woody.

Today’s Dan’s Deuces!

Dan’s three window with the Pines winter front is flawless. He has the stock look down to a Poor Boy’s Decision.

Dan also has the rare B-400 in his collection of Deuces. He is known for his paint work and this Old Chester Gray is my favorite on the B-400 model.

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