Wednesday’s Woodies

As indicated in the title of today’s post, I am once again interested in Woodies. In mid 2002 I purchased a very nice 46 Woody from Ted in Napa. He had several woodies but did not want to restore another one. I was very happy to purchase the car and had big plans to build a mild Chevy powered Woody to drive to all the events that are held in the LA area. Several friends of mine have Woodies and they are really neat old cars to drive. Almost any thing goes with a Woody. Most are modified, but several stock ones show up also. If you have never been to an exclusive Woody show do yourself a favor and attend one. You will be glad you did. Great cars and very nice people.

Gary in Sonoma, started with pieces of 37 Ford and over the years constructed a beautiful Hot Rod Woody. I don’t possess that skill level so I will have to purchase on done. Most major street rod events have a special section for Woodies and I like that. Deuces and Forty Fords usually have their own show and parking places at the events also. I like all cars but really don’t like to walk all over the venue to find the cars I like. Goodguys in P-Town has a great parking area in the grass for all of the cars I like to photograph and BS with owners.

My good friend Walt has offered to let me go along with him this Saturday for the LA Wood Show in San Pedro at Ports a Call. Jane and I will go and enjoy ourselves looking at the Woodies and the beautiful scenery. I am thinking of a nice Swordfish sandwich..Yummy! Walt likes hot dogs which they serve to the kids. Jane will be happy with some wine.

As a side bar, if you have not registered for the New Ford Barn, please do so. The new format is now operated by the Jalopy Journal and is fantastic. The site is much easier to read and post pictures, etc. Lets support Ryan in his new venture and keep those old Ford parts changing hands.

Stay Tooned for photos on Monday.



My friend Gary’s 37 at the upholstery shop for some new leather. You don’t need much leather in a 2 seat Woody.


Glade Green is a popular color on Woodies. I also like them with white wall tires and painted steel wheels.


Tom started this 40 many years ago and it is now finished and in the hands of a new owner. Most people run out of patience when doing a Woody. Money is important along with the car being in the wood, paint, and upholstery Jail for a long time. Right Tom!


Light green 1939 Woody looks right at home in this location.


The 1937 Woody is a rare bird but more and more have been showing up lately. I like them because they are smaller than the huge 46-48’s. I had to notch the garage door to fit mine in the space.


The 1949-1951 metal Woodies make super hot rods. The Wood is much cheaper and the squeaks are quieter.


This photo shows the inner structure of a tin Woody. A friends car going together at DA Rod Shop in SV.


Don builds some fantastic Woodies. This mint green is one of my favorties. I could do without the Air Bags but the car is very eye appealing to most.


Walt has several Woodies also. He has had this 47 for a while and it rides very nice for an axle car.


If I had an extra $90K I would rush over to Prescott and purchase this one. The color is me and the Hemi under the hood is unique. Don should step up for this one.

Today’s Woody…dreaming!


Bright red and expensive 1947 Woody was built by the same builder as the green 40 above. Don builds Super Nice Woodies for BIG wallets.

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