Wednesday’s Woodies

A few years ago I was really into Woodies. I even purchased a real nice solid 1946 from Ted. I never started on the car as my back took 100% of my time. I still have a love for the Woody and have been looking at the market on the beast. It seems like they have dropped in value but not a great deal. It takes $100K at least to purchase a nice one. Stockers are cheaper in some cases if you don’t mind doing a little work. In today’s labor market redoing a Woody is cost prohibitive.

The 1940 Ford is an all time favorite of most people and a few years ago I watched one being put together at SO-CAL. Pete and his team can make a traditional Hot Rod better than most. The car ended up on the cover of Rod and Custom and I look at that issue all the time. I have some photos of the build to share with you.

I have spent the last two days working on Andre. I actually accomplished something. I removed the brakes, wheels and tires, rear end and most of the rusty bolts in the body. I am finally to the point where I need to have a place for the discarded parts. I called Bob’O and told him he could have the parts if he would haul them away. I have all the early Ford parts I need in my lifetime.

Stay Tooned!


Stock firewall in my delivery. Some holes filled but really very stock. Note distributor clearance.


SO-CAL Woody going together. All holes were filled by Birdman and they were perfectly flat no warpage. Nice work. Wire cover has large hole behind for all wires to exit from the cockpit. I like this the best as the stock loom coming from the upper firewall hole stands out and is ugly. IMHO.


Not a Woody but a real nice convertible by Jim. This has a great top by Gabe.


I shot this 40 coupe on the streets of San Diego. The owner could not be found but this was sure a nice coupe with SBC power.


My friend Steve has a real nice 40 Woody that is about as genuine as you could find.


One year at Santa Barbara there were lots of 40 woodies and some were for sale which is unusual. Good Woody weather.

Today’s Woody…dreaming!


This is the 40 Woody that SO-CAL so tastefully put together for Bruce. Simple and very drive-able is what it is all about. Gray’s brother has a nice BRG one that has a P&J chassis under it. I couldn’t find the picture but will see what I can find tomorrow as “American Idol” is just starting.

Dreaming again!


Andy sold this one for some BIG $$$.

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