Wednesday’s Woodies

We are in Woodie Heaven in Los Angeles. We have more registered Wooden bodied cars than any other state. Maybe that is why we have so many Woodie only events. Santa Cruz was held last weekend and Santa Barbara is coming up on July 16, 2016. Our group loves Santa Barbara with the vast grassy area overlooking the gleaming Pacific ocean. Santa Barbara also allows other vehicles in their show so Pepe always is welcome on the grass near the Woodies. We normally meet up for breakfast at the Beach Cafe in Summerland and then head to the show. Someday, I will own another Woodie but for now, Pepe is just fine.

Many people don’t like the noise level and creaks and groans associated with Wooden bodied cars, but that never bothers me. Hot Rods  are also noisy and loud so a Woodie is a step in the right direction. You can purchase one much less than you can build one. Time is a big factor in building a Woodie as the wood portion of the build takes considerable time due to the demand on the West coast. Friends of mine have done both and prefer buying something you like versus building your dream. In today’s market, a Woodie is a bargain compared to what is cost to build one. Take for example, a chassis for $25K, a shell of your choice, $15K, new wood $30-50K, paint and upholstery $25K plus assembly and miscellaneous will put you in the six figure bracket real quick. Nice woodies are being sold in the $75-85K range everyday and you can have instant gratification without the wait or higher investment. Sometimes as the age factor comes into play, we must be practical about making our dreams come true.

If you insist on building one, then go ahead as that also can be most gratifying to say that you built it. Could there be a Woodie in your future?

Stay Tooned!


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Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz was packed with Woodies.


A rare Deuce woody was looking go on the Wharf.


Stopping along the way to have a look at our beautiful Pacific coastline will draw a crowd.


Parked on the Wharf for all to inspect is an annual treat for most Woodie owners.


Don builds some of the nicer Woodies being built. He has a good eye for the old log wagons. He selects a color that is not seen everyday on these cars and the ladies love them.


The Wharf can become crowded with lots of spectators in this resort town.

Woodies on the Warf 2010 008

One of my longtime favorites is this very clean 38 Ford Woodie. Dave does great work.

Woodies on the Warf 2010 002

Gary had his beautiful 37 on the Wharf.


Probably one of the most expensive Woodies you can own.

Santa Barbara


The spacious Santa Barbara College grounds provides plenty of parking. This is an early morning shot.


There is plenty of room to set up camp and spread out your set up.


The view can put you in a wistful mood.


Dogs are welcome and seem to relax as we do.


Some of our group’s woodies on the grass.


Camp is set up and we are ready for the day of fun.


Standing high above the Pacific allows you to let your mind wonder and perhaps provide you a good memory.


Great shot of this fantastic venue in Santa Barbara.


Walt and I parked on the lower grass which is designated for “others!”

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