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The fall always brings the thought of taking a drive in your woodie along the Ocean or through the mountains to some exciting place for lunch. We have several nice places that Jane and I visit during this time of year. We no longer have a Woodie but take Pepe or Poppy whichever is running good at the time. The Woodie Wagon is still real popular in California and several events are held each year for the owners to gather together for a weekend of fun and relaxing. As I age, I enjoy the Woodie meets and the people they attract. Jane and I attend as many as we can driving our sedan delivery. Our last meet is the Malibu Woodie Christmas Parade which is the culmination of the year’s events.

I continue to explore the ads for Woodie projects and talk to my readers about Woodies. The winter months offers those of you who own Woodies time to refresh the wood as well as any mechanical areas that require attention. I also have a couple of friends who are completing their long-term projects in hopes of driving them next year. If you haven’t attended one of these events try to schedule them next year, you won’t be disappointed.


Stay Tooned!



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I purchased this rendering of a dream Woodie I would like to build and have it mounted near my desk in my office.

A surprise is under the hood of this 47 Woodie. The owner installed a Hemi engine for power.

Tim Bedford builds beautiful Woodies like this CMG stunner.

The 1939 Woodie offers some attractive styling also. Note the rear door opens from the front.

Built by Deheras and now owned by Bruce Meyer this 1940 wagon is getting updated at Roys.

Tim does his thing with mounting all the A/C lines on the inner fender panel.

Gary built his Woodie in his garage using his vast knowledge of building Hot Rods.

Woodies are famous for floor deterioration which can be repaired with new floors.

Bob has two Woodies in his collection. Both are very nice examples.

Deuce owner George bought his Brizio built Woodie and is enjoying the events.

The popular 46-48 Ford Woodies are really nicely styled wagons.

Most are updated with modern suspensions and drivelines.

Ruby was a lot of fun for Jane and I.

A rare Sportsman looks good as a modified Woodie.

A classic shot of Nick Alexander’s collection of Woodies. All perfectly restored to stock.

Bob builds some very nice Woodies in Ohio. Yes, Woodies do perform in the snow.

The 38 Woodie is also a nice looking ride for the surfers.

The Shoebox Woodie is also a popular choice for wagon lovers.

The restoration takes lots of time and money but worth the effort.

New seats are available from Glide and other sources.

It is a long haul from here to the finished product both in dollars and frustration.

Ready for the wood installation  and test drive.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor at Wavecrest the largest Woodie event on the West Coast.

Woodies in Process

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