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Woodies are very popular in California and we have lots of events for the owners to attend and show their Woodies. I have been attending these events along with my friends since 1984. My love affair  with the Woodie Wagon began when we moved to Laguna Niguel, California which is on the Pacific Ocean. The beach cruisers became a familiar sight as my children spent their leisure time at the beach. I would see these old wagons driving up and down PCH with their surfboards hanging out the back or fastened on the top with a rack. I soon fell in love with them and began looking for a driver. Woodies were not plentiful but were relatively inexpensive in those days. Most needed some serious wood repair and Doug Carr was the man to see for wood repair. New wood would run about $10,000 in the 80’s compared to the $50,000 today. I never did find one I liked until after I retired. A friend of mine in Napa had several Woodies and offered me a nice project 46 which I purchased.

The restoration project was started with the plan being to just add modern drivetrain and dropped axle. The project was put on the back burner due to a series of back operations which set me back for several months. I had 5 projects going at once and a body that was really incapable of completing any of them. I ended up selling all of them and concentrated on my rehabilitation. I regretted that decision and soon was back in the hobby again with a 33 roadster project. I am very thankful to have been able to continue with my passion of building old Fords. I am also very thankful to Walt Baynes for letting me be the caretaker of Ruby and beautiful 46 Ford Woodie. I repaired lots of items and drove Ruby for a couple of years and my love affair was back with the Woodie Wagon.

I hope to have another one someday but will be happy just attending the events with my Woodie friends.

Ruby was a super Woodie with all new wood by Doug Carr.


Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Probably the most expensive Woodie is the Sportsman model as shown here. The wood is very difficult to reproduce as the trunk area is real curvy.

The 40 is my favorite and make great beach cruisers.

Another Sportsman done in the modern fashion.

The 39 makes a great ride also as is quite different from a 40 model.

My second choice is the 46-48 Ford models with plenty of room for cruising. This one has a Hemi for power.

Tim builds some nice 40 Woodies like this CMG beauty with a modern driveline.

Of course Black makes a statement against the natural wood body. Add Halibrands and you have a Hot Rod Woodie.

My friend Steve has owned this stocker for a long time. All original Folkstone Gray model.

This was the first Santa Barbara Woodie show on the beach. Lots of 40 Woodies showed up.


Photo of the Day

Ted was nice enough to sell me one of his Woodies. A 1946 Model with nice wood and sheet metal.

Proud Woodie owner! I had hair in those days.

Bill finished the Woodie to perfection with Chris Messanto finishing the original wood.


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