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March brings the first Woodie meet of the season for us in LA. The Woodies in the Valley is always a fun trip over the Grapevine to the center of the state. Not a large show but well-organized and attended over the years. I don’t own a Woodie anymore, but you can drive another vehicle and enjoy the show. Unfortunately our daughter is coming home and I can’t make it this year. I should make the rest of the Woodie shows as I have planned my calendar around them. I prefer the shows on or near the water which makes it a natural venue for Woodies.

The cost of building a Woodie today is out of my league, but there are some really good deals on finished or stock ones right now. I always look at the ads to see if I can afford one. I know a 40 is out of the question but I like the 46-48 models also. I can install the SBC and remaining components myself. I have done several convertibles and sedan deliveries. Driving a patina one is in style and will keep the cost down. If you have never been to a Woodie show you should try one. The people are great, the venues are super and the cars are just plain fun to drive. Nothing like cruising PCH on a Saturday with the Pacific on one side and the mountains on the other side. Give it a try!!

Due to the cold weather, I haven’t been working in the garage this week and consequently, nothing more has been done on Poppy. Next week promises to be warmer so maybe I will be driving or figuring out what else could be wrong. Wish me luck!

The Havasu Deuce show is this weekend and promises to be a good show with all the Deuces you could stand to see in one place. This is a well attended show and produced and organized by a Deuce lover. If you have the opportunity, make the effort and attend. You won’t be sorry.

I am thinking about another project at 77 years old to keep my active as I can be. This one will be a Deuce hiboy of some kind. I have a frame located so that is a big inspiration to build another Deuce. They are becoming scarce you know! HA!

Stay Tooned!



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From Monday’s post I forgot the Rock Inn photo. A nice ride in the mountains with good food and service. That’s Walt’s Woodie in the rear.

One of the nicest Woodie collections was Nick Alexanders. He sold all of them just prior to the big drop in value.

Finding a hulk is not hard and be sure to get all the brackets for the wood.

Starting with a project body and ending up with this takes time and lots of money. Ryan is building a show stopper for Jim.

Most all hulks will need new floors. Strong bracing required prior to removing floors.

Jim’s concept will soon be finished in blue.

Jim also has a 32 that he purchase from Walt and will be finishing it to his taste. All 32 Woodies were Winterleaf brown.

Boyd built one of the first Deuce Woodies in the 80’s for Don Smith.

My first Woodie project was this cherry 46 which required very little new wood. I never should have sold this one.

Both of these Woodies are sort of for sale. Both are primo and the 39 is very nice condition with a mild Hot Rod touch.

My friend Gary built this 37 in his garage and it turned out tops!

Don builds show winning Woodies and this 40 is my favorite of his.

A Sportsman with a BBC made a hit a few years ago.

A bone stocker brings big bucks in this driveway. Bruce always sells top quality cars.

Hercules (Cecil Taylor) offers a brand new 37 Woodie.

Doug Carr built one of the first 34 show stopping Woodies.

If you plan on driving the freeways, then the IFS and parallel leaf rear is the way to go.

Sid’s old Deuce Woodie is now owned by Bob Oney and looks fresh again.

Bedford Forties builds some really nice cars like this 40 woodie done in Cloud Mist Gray.

This new wood is being installed and requires a lot of skill to make it fit properly.

My friend Steve is building a show winning Hercules Deuce Woodie to go with his stock 40 Woodie.

Note the rear exhaust tips that were custom-made as were the SS bumper bolts.

Steve is a perfectionist and had his metal man make all sheet metal perfect. No small job!


Mirrors match the tail lights.

Tail lights from JHRS have been modified to make them blend into the body.

Details everywhere you look. Note the neat heater cover.

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