Wednesday’s Wood

Having Big Blue back home provided an opportunity to take him over to Malibu for some ice cream at our favorite place. Jane suggested we go on Sunday so we preceded to take a test drive. The day was beautiful and the car was running great. As the familiar creaks and moans of the wooden body came back to us, we were experiencing a sudden explosion on the right rear. Yes, we had blown a tire on the very old Firestone tires.

Our speed was about 60 mph but controlling the wagon was difficult. I somehow guided it out of harm’s way to the side of the busy 101 highway. I carefully exited the passenger side to examine the damage which turned out to be only an old tube. The tire was junk as the rim rolled around the perimeter during the stopping process. A click call to AAA solved the problem and we were soon home with our broken Woodie.

Since I did not want to roll the wagon on a bare rim, we covered it and left it be until we were more settled down from our adventure. The next morning I contacted Rich and he explained how the spare tire cover operated. After a little frustration with removing the outer rim, we soon had the NOS Goodyear designer spare tire on the ground.

The tire would allow me to back the car in the garage until I could replace the tires and rims. Yes, larger rims are required for the 215/75RX15 tires. Bill’s beautiful rims are only 4″ wide. I will keep these for show only. Steve has some tires and wheels that will fit under the stock woody suspension.

I should know better than to drive on old tires but the temptation was just too much for Jane and I. We solve problems together for 54 years and keep all of our day positive.

No Bad Days!

Stay Tooned


Headed to Malibu for ice cream and on the busy 101 the problems began.
The tube blew and the fun began.
Big Blue was winched up without fault. Rear ramps kept bumper from hitting ground.
The tow truck driver was the best. He knew his business on these old cars.
The spare tire cover was not easy to remove but we did with no scratches. Thanks Rich!
The NOS spare worked fine once we filled it  with air.
Due to my current arthritis, Jane installed the tire and tightened the lugs.
The designer white wall in NOS.
Awaiting new tires for the trip south.
Hopefully we will be at Wavecrest the 21st. That is Ruby on the bottom right.

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