Wednesday’s Wonders

Now that the birthday is over it is time to get busy on the roadster. While searching ebay last night I ran across a fellow who has reproduced the A&B pillar cast brackets that are impossible to fine. If you have an old channeled car you will need these. Bill in Ohio has been looking for a set for a couple of years. Thanks to these brackets he now has his roadster up on the frame. He sent some pictures for us to view. Real 33/34 roadsters are very rare and expensive, so fixing one up makes a lot of sense. My car is a Wescott and I like it a lot, but would have preferred the real thing, but I am not hung up on the fact that it is fiberglass. It too, is pricey but very well made and much stronger than the steel ones.

Speaking of steel bodies, have you noticed the abundance of Brookville bodies for sale. It seems that everyone has one for sale like they were hard to get. The GNRS is this week and I am sure there will be several for sale in the parking lot. They seem to go from a low of about $10K to a high of $12K which is about what it cost to have one built. Economics 101 tells me that as long as they keep producing them the price will be stable. If Brookville would stop making them I think they would sell for $20K without any problem. Tudor sedans, which I prefer, are in real demand and command a higher price than a roadster.

The recent stock market woes makes me believe that there will be a lot of finished hot rods for sale in the coming year for a very attractive price. Projects are hard to sell because the cost of finishing them is very expensive due to high labor and parts costs.

If you find one you like, purchase it and enjoy the ride this summer.

Note: The barn fresh 3 windows from yesterday’s post can be found on Jalopy Journal, posted 1-15-08. Use the search forum and type in barn find.

Stay Tooned


Perfect, Nitti’s deuce from the past. Duplicate this and you got it.


Bill’s 34 roadster project. Nice sheet metal to start. New floors from Bradley, etc. Bill can do it all.


Roadster from the front showing 34 grille. Car will be full fendered.


Photo of Don Small’s 33. I have not seen this issue of Hot Rod so maybe I should start looking. Don builds my kind of car.


Pat’s 32 hiboy. He drives this everywhere. Too tall has a nice one and runs a Cadillac for power with real Auburn dash.


How many do you want? Grab one while you can and put it away. Remember I told you to do this.


Another racer similar to Don’s. I like the look of a hiboy in these cars.


Gary’s early 32 hiboy sedan prior to being redone in the 50 style I posted yesterday. It is now Gold.



I like 39 tubs and this one is right on…. High School Hot Rod!





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