Wednesday’s Wonders

After listening to Obama tell about his birth place, I headed to the “Office” to see if I could find something to do this morning.  Don wanted me to go see and old GM friend of mine and offered to take his Deuce roadster.  He  just installed a 200R in his roadster and wanted me to see how the new low gear added to his heavy right foot.  I jumped in and we headed over the hill to the Valley to see Dick.  Dick is one of those guys who can do it all, fabricate, body work and paint, and final assembly.  He does this is a small space under a carport at his house.  The end results are of very high quality.  Dick is 75  years old and still keeps the flame going in his neighborhood.  I only got a photo of his engine using my iphone and I promise to visit him again when he is further along on his Nova wagon.  Dick also has a Deuce roadster hiboy he has owned for many years.  Everyone has a Deuce roadster in their garage in the Valley….no kidding.  I rode with Don back to the “Office” and came home inspired to work on Lucy.

The wind blowing in your face at 80 mph makes you want a roadster and hat strap to keep your hat on.  I need to go to work now.

Stay Tooned!


Don is 80 years old and has put 17,000 miles on his roadster in the past couple of years.  He keeps it immaculate and is heavy on the gas pedal most days.  Bob O wants him to install whitewalls and bias tires but Don likes the ride with the big tires.

Don and Frank share the passion for Hot Rods.  Frank is going to miss his 5 window which he sold recently.  Don will have his forever.

This how Frank’s 5 window looked when he started.  The picture was taken outside London a few years ago.

I did not have my camera at Dick’s house so I shot this with my iphone.  I am still learning how to make them better size wise.  The engine detail is very nicely done in a cream and gray color with many brackets and braided hoses.

I know a lot of Don’s that own Deuce roadsters.  This is one of my favorites.  I noticed he has added radial tires to improve his ride to LA once in a while.

Another iphone photo showing Bob’s radial whitewalls with steel wheels.  The color on the coupe is CMG.

Here is the whole car showing the standard version of the clean little coupe.  This is a classic ride that will always be popular with the crowd.

I found this photo of Tom’s roadster that was taken when Gary first had it in his possession.  Note Drilled axle.

Manno’s sedan is another RB’s creation that must be a true hot rod ride with those pipes, blower and louvers blasting down the road.

Today’s 34 hiboy roadster…..dreaming!

I think this is the very first 34 hiboy roadster I saw on the street.  I immediately adopted this car as my base line for my own build.  I added the quickchange due to later seeing Lobeck’s Deuce of the 70’s.

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