Wednesday’s Wonders

I am receiving a lot of comments on the 40 coupes I featured yesterday. I know they are really nice and a lot of people would like to have one in their garage. The 40 coupe body is being reproduced by Bob Drake and if you are on his mailing list you should have just received a catalog showing what he is offering. The price doesn’t seem bad but the assembly plus all of the other parts would put the car over the top when finished. I wish him well in his pursuit of completing a complete 40 Ford coupe. He has produced some remarkable reproductions over the years.

A quick search on eBay and Craigslist turned up several 40 coupes that are running cars and are available for a reasonable amount of money. You can start a project 40 for under $10K, yes they are around. If you do your own work you will still be in the car over $30K. If you count the time it takes to do a car you are money ahead purchasing a nice one for $30K – $40K. You will be blessed with instant gratification. Go to shows and ask the owner if he knows of any 40’s for sale. I almost always fine 2 or 3 leads at the shows. There is always one or two with for sale signs on them. Most of those cars will be priced way above the market but it doesn’t hurt to make an offer…right Frank.

I read that a 40 is 70 tour is being organized for a trip to P-Town. I certainly remember Art’s 40 is 50 tour in 1990. LaPalma Park was full of 40 Fords. I must get one or bum a ride on this years tour. Sounds fun doesn’t it. Gary needs to get his delivery done for this one…

Stay Tooned!



John has high hopes to recreate his old custom…the Ray Varga tub.


Here is another photo of Tim’s 40 coupe interior with the flip up radio compartment. Cool!


John has quite a collection of 3 windows. Roy built this 50’s style a few years back. Nice ride.


He also has my favorite 34 hiboy roadster in his fleet. I first saw this being built at Roys in the 90’s.


CMG 40 coupe with a SBC hugger orange engine installed. A little too much for my taste but looks good with the body color.


Bruce has his CMG coupe all trimmed out with a hot flat motor. Note Columbia controls. Sweet ride.


A reader sent in this nice black standard dash panel. I kind of like it also. Note new graphics on gauges.


Bob O has a deluxe panel with chromed bezel and black face gauges. This may be going in his new coupe.


Bob and Bill still have this nice 3 window coupe for sale. If interested give Bob a call.


For you non believers, I looked at this 40 a few months ago and it was complete with cherry sheetmetal. When you start like this the entry is very reasonable but the end result will be the same as paying the price the first time. I never learned this lesson and still like to purchase them like this…why?

Today’s ride…the 40 is 70 tour!


Gary is waiting to finish this one. Clouse got it this far and Gary will finish with his expert detail. Love the color.

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