Wednesday’s Wonders

I have not worked on Andre as I had hoped to but I have made some progress. Yesterday I spend sanding the rear fenders getting them ready for primer. I pounded out a few dents and will leave the final finish to the body man. I am looking for parts and have found most of them so the final task is to pull the body from the frame, sandblast and reassemble. No small task.

The build plan calls for a Magnum axle with split bones, 57 station wagon rear axle on parallel leafs with homemade brackets. The engine will be a 327 (870 block) with Power Pack heads (186’s) and the early 65 Corvette manifold. I have all the parts for the engine but it needs machined. Engines are fun to work with. When you are finished and start the car for the first time a big smile comes on your face. Sometimes oil leaks are present but that is O.K. Transmission fluid coming out the rear of the transmission is not O.K. Always put in a drive shaft or plug.

The final choice for the color has not been made as their are too many choices. I think that is the hardest part and the most expensive segment of car building. I personally have always wanted a black one with brown interior but the wife doesn’t like that combination. I hope I get that far to have to make a final decision.

The last update on Andre is the dash panel. Lee Kelly in Idaho is going to do the dash. He did my last one 20 years ago. Bob O and I are sending him a couple to do. Dave brought his Deluxe to Toppers yesterday and it was beautiful. Lee did two for him.

Stay Tooned!



Here is what the dash looked like when I removed it from Andre. Not to bad.


After welding up the holes and cuts I had the dash blasted. It came out very nice. Some bondo required around radio hole.


DP74 fixed everything no bondo required. I need Warren’s welding talents on sheet metal.


I had the rear fenders blasted at the same time and will have them ready for prime by tomorrow.


Floor in Andre was tough to remove, hundreds of screws and tough wood boards with Rat do do!

Today’s rides…dreaming.

Wednesday’s Sedans


Henry’s when just finished prior to top insert. Love this car. Thanks Rex Rogers for pictures.


Sharon’s rear window was left almost stock in her Fat Jack/Buttera creation. She still drives this car everywhere and it is perfect.

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