Wednesday’s Wonders

As we approach the July 4th holiday, I can’t help but wonder why all Americans aren’t thinking about doing something to save this great country of ours. I am 70 years old and have seen good times and bad, but the current state of our nation is the worst I can remember. We should all be working toward being proud Americans and not take any actions that would suggest otherwise. I think we need to fully focus on bringing America back to the greatness it once had. The World does not look up to America as it once did and we should do something about that.

I think a lot of young and old people feel the need to celebrate “Independence Day” and will do so responsibly. I live right below the Regan Library and they always have a great celebration that I attend. Recent speakers at the library have stated the same view as I have and with enough people wanting real change maybe we can make a difference. How about you?

Enough for the soapbox and now for some cars that make all of us forget the tough times we are going through.

Have a great Independence Day and drive your roadster in the parade…

Stay Tooned!



Red SO-CAL look roadster at 40 Ford Day. Very nice car from Oregon.


JJ’s 5 window Deuce. This is done in the “Old School” look by Brizio. Chop is just right.


Non pinched front frame rails, Bendix brakes and Buick drums make the early look.


Poteet’s 5 window is modern with an early racer look. George likes 5 windows.


Roy did this 5 window with an Ardun and blower. Regency red in color and detailed to perfection.


Here is a Thom Taylor sketch I liked from a few years ago. I am copying this look on my roadster.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


The sedan is still my favorite ride. This one has the Eastwood look with the chopped top and 5 spokes.

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