Wednesday’s Wonders

The car season is almost over in SO-CAL. We only have 25 or so more events to go before Christmas is here. Seriously, we have events all year long even during the Christmas Holidays. Selecting the ones to attend is no problem if you have lived here for a while, but newbies will only learn where to go by actually attending and seeing if they like the show or activity. I personally prefer traditional cars so I am limited to very few. The Throttlers show at Johnny Carson park in Burbank is one of my favorite and I spend all day talking to owners and taking pictures.

Another great show for Woody’s is Wavecrest in Escondido, CA. I have been attending this show for over 20 years and it attracts people from all over the U.S. I talked to a fellow the other day from Ohio who is driving his Woody to Wavecrest and taking a little vacation.

The point of this blog is building a car is a great experience for some people, but actually driving one to an event is the most gratifying feeling you can have. You get to meet some great people that you can relate to because of your car. Take a look at the schedule in your area and get the cover off the car and drive it. I have a good rule to follow…. “Never put a car cover on your car”. If you can’t see it you won’t want to drive it.

Stay Tooned!



Long term project at Brizio’s Ferrari powered 33 Hiboy. This should be a real head turner when done. I saw this car in person a couple of years ago and a lot of meal work has been done to accommodate the engine.


Very subtle 39 convert owned by Bob from Walnut Creek. Car is almost stock with Chevy motor. Folkstone gray paint is nice.


Alan’s 32 5 window from Washington was a big hit. Flawless paint and stance made the car.


Interior shot showing SO-CAL dash insert and maroon leather upholstery.


Very nice similar style 3 window was parked next door. I had a great time in P-Town


My kind of engine. 1965 FI unit unpolished has the correct period look for the car.


Next door was a chromed FI unit for comparison. This one was in a Hiboy roadster, so chrome is O.K. You need the Blitz in a Hiboy. Right!



I bet this Woody of Bickel’s will be at Wavecrest. He always builds a Winner. Air suspension provides the look?

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